Free Marketing Checklist

Are you confused about what to do to get a better performing website?

Join smart business owners, and download your marketing checklist and get actionable steps so you can get better results from your website and your social media.


Discover the 5 pieces of content every fab performing website has


Get easy and simple ways to get more eyeballs on your website


Know how to collect leads from ONE piece of content


Know where to put your efforts on social media so you stand out in this busy and noisy online world


Boost your website results

You’ve got your website and you’re spending ages on social media doing all that engaging stuff but you’re fed-up being the world’s best kept secret.

And you’re annoyed at how easy other business owners make this marketing malarkey look.

In this marketing checklist, I’ll take you through the 5 key parts of your marketing to review, and why they’re key to your maketing success so you can feel more in control and confident you’re taking the right steps to get more leads and clients from your website and social media.

Who am I to talk to you about marketing?

I love helping people and giving them information and support they need to grow their business.

Keeping things simple is what I’m all about.

I’ve been a marketing manager and now as a marketing coach and trainer, I’m still a huge fan of taking what can appear complicated and making it easier and more straight-forward.

Being a business owner myself I understand what it’s like to be the captain of your own ship, so I love it when I can help and support others to create their actionable plan, supported with step-by-step processes for their business so they can have more leads, more clients and the business they want.

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