How many times have you started your day without a plan for your marketing?  Not sure of what you’re going to be doing? Or what you’re aiming to achieve?

Days where you end up flitting from one thing to another and achieving next to nought (as my Nana would say).

When I’ve planned, I’ve faffed, fussed and flitted less.

I’ve got more done too.

Why? Partly because I had an end goal, but also because I put together a plan to GET STUFF DONE so I could spend time with my son, have family to stay and put what I need in place so  that my business will tick over while I’m on holiday and making memories.

Before I discovered the Power of The Marketing Plan, each day I’d get up, rub my hands together and ponder what I’d do in the business today.  Lots of fluffy stuff that got me next to no results, because I was flitting from one thing to another.

Trying this and trying that and then feeling narked because it wasn’t working.

Each day was a new idea without an action plan and by the end of the day the idea would be binned. Well, that didn’t work did it?

Once I started planning, taking the time out reaped its reward and as quoted by Elizabeth Grace Saunders in The Harvard Business Review, ‘You may hate planning but do it anyway.  Things go better with a plan.’

And here’s what having a marketing plan can do for you.

It keeps you focused

Pure and simple it keeps you focused. No flitting from one idea to another like a toddler hyper with too many e-numbers.

You know what to do that day, that week and that month.

You can track your progress

When you plan you set targets so you know what to aim for. Rather than winging it day to day.

Setting targets also mean you can tweak as you go.

You get more done!

Working to your plan turns you into a productive Ninja.

You know what needs to be done and by when so you knuckle down and you massively increase the likelihood you’ll have more of Today than a To Do left.

It helps with your decision making

Ever found yourself dithering between this, that and everything in-between? Having a plan massively reduces your dithering time. The decision(s) you need to make are around your plan.

End of.

Your marketing becomes slicker and more effective

You know what to talk about in your marketing.

Your marketing will be 100% about what you’re selling that day, week or month.

More about directing your client to what you want them to buy with a clear, consistent message.

Identify problems BEFORE they crop up

Your plan should include what you need and when.  Saving you from careering into panic mode when you realise a vital element is needed asap if not SOONER!

Measure your success

Your plan is your measuring stick for what you’ve done and a great way to review your activity.

Measure what worked well, what didn’t work so well and what you can do to make it better the next time.


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