If you’re considering booking a 1:1 Business and Marketing Coaching Package with me, you might be unsure what it’s all about and what you get. 

And I totally understand. 

It’s a lot of money.

It’s going to mean time away from your business.

And there’ll be new things for you to learn. 

Which can feel weird.

Especially when we feel we should know how to do this business owner malarkey. Even though no-one has shown you how. 

You won’t be alone. 

I’ll be there. 

We’ll work together and you’ll gain new skills you can use time and time again to grow your business. 

In this post, I’ll explain what happens during our sessions and I’ll cover the most common concerns I help business owners with. 

Not ready to book your 1:1 Business and Marketing Coaching package, but you want to get past feeling stuck and want inspiration to get moving again? 

You want leads and clients. 

You’ll find this post handy.  

Business and Marketing Coaching Package

In our first of six sessions, we’ll find out what’s going on right now in your business, where you want to be and what you need to do to get you there. 

Together we create a strategy and an action plan to help you get your business objectives. 

Your business objective may be to have a marketing plan for a specific product or service, get more awareness for your business, get more emails on your mailing list, create your social media strategy, create a lead magnet people want, get more visitors to your website or something else to help you get more leads and clients. 

In the following monthly sessions, there’s accountability with me to make sure your plan is being actioned, we track your results and, if necessary, make changes to your plan. 

It’s about keeping you on track. 

“Sometimes it’s how we feel about doing what it takes to create and grow a successful business that can be our biggest obstacle.” 


What is a 1:1 Business and Marketing Coaching package?

What it is:

It’s a call every month for 6 months with a clear focus on the actions you can take to achieve your business objectives. 

Recorded Video Call 

It’s recorded via Zoom and sent to you so you can watch it as many times as you like. 

No need to scribble down notes during the call. 

During Our Call

During each call we focus on what you’ve done and what actions you can take the following month to get you closer to your objectives. 

After Our Call

I send you the recording of our call and you take action. 

Prior To Each Call

24 hours before our call I ask you to complete a feedback from. 

The feedback form is helpful for me to know what has/hasn’t worked since our last call, plus it gives you the chance to reflect on your progress too and to highlight what you’d like to cover specifically on the call. 


There’s accountability that’s #AlwaysWithLove but if you need a wee kick up the bum, I’ll do it. 

And just so you know, I’m good at spotting distraction tactics so if what you’re doing is not in-line with your business objectives, I’ll bring you back to them. 


What happens if you don’t get help when you’re stuck but you really want your business to succeed?

These are some of the problems I’ve seen business owners have. 

Are you marketing to everyone and anyone?

If you don’t spend time understanding who your audience is, your marketing stands out to no-one. You disappear in all the online noise which means you’ll find it harder and harder to get clients. 

Working more hours isn’t the answer. 

Wasting valuable time, energy and money on a scattergun, fingers crossed and a ‘hope it works this time’ approach to marketing?

Without a strategy how do you know what you want to achieve? What you’re working towards.

You lack direction and impact. It’s frustrating to be putting content out there and getting no results from it.  

You work more hours thinking that’s the way to sort it out, when a clear actionable plan that’s in-line with your objectives will make the difference. 

Worrying about what others think?

That little inner-voice that chatters away.
Who do you think you are? The feeling you’re not good enough to do this. Listening to your inner-voice holds you back and stops you from creating the business you want. When it stops you in your tracks you can end up spinning your wheels, getting nowhere and that’s not where you want to be. 

 Are you giving away value but then not getting the sale or talking about your products or services? 

You’re scared to come across salesy and pushy so you don’t tell people about your products or services. 

You don’t talk about them. 

You feel happier sharing useful and helpful content without any mention of your products or services. 

I know you’re nice and you want to help others.
But a business without clients can become an expensive hobby. 

 Spending your time getting nowhere with a ‘see how today approach goes’? 

 No plan on where you’re going and what you need to do to get there

You feel: 

  • Disorganised
  • Frustrated 
  • Wondering why the heck you though this business owner lark was for you. 

You have:

  • a scattergun approach to your day
  • shiny object syndrome (jumping from one idea to another)
  • no idea what to do next

You need:

  • Clarity on what you want to achieve
  • Clear objectives
  • Crystal clear action plan

 There’s plenty of reasons why you need monthly support to keep you on track.

What are the problems I most commonly help with when working with clients on the 1:1 Business and Marketing Coaching Package?

My business isn’t where I hoped it would be. Where am I going wrong?

Did you set out with a vision, an action plan and a clear set of goals and objectives for your business?

  • With a timescale? 
  • Have a clear idea of the problem you solve?
  • Who for? 
  • Know where they are? 
  • Where they’re looking for you? 
  • Know what content to create to attract leads and sales?

So many business owners skip this bit and head straight to marketing.

What your vision gives you is a clear road-map of what you want and where you’re heading. Know what success will look like for you and then it’s much easier to map what actions you have to take to make it happen. 

 Without your map, how will you know where you’re heading, or aiming to achieve?

What is it you want? 

Having a clear goal, that’s measurable to work towards gives your marketing a purpose. 

A means to an end. 

Knowing where you want to get to gives you focus. 

A target to hit. 

Then when it comes to creating your action plan, you’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be on it. 

In our session, we’ll talk about your business

What’s going on, what’s working, what isn’t and what obstacles you face and what your goals are. 

Then, how your marketing will support you. 

Who is your ideal client?

It can be easy to say “everyone” but it’s worth spending time really getting clear on who your ideal client is. 

But the more you know about them the more targeted your marketing will be. 

Imagine creating content that when your ideal client reads it says “This business understands me!”

Your ideal client is a human being, just like you so the more you get to know them the more effective your marketing will be. 

Together we’ll get specific on your ideal client. 

The more specific the better. 

Create content that has your ideal client wondering if you’re a mind-reader. 

Questions you can ask to get to mind-reading status are: 

  • What’s their main problem/pain points you solve for them? 
  • How does this problem make them feel? 
  • How does this problem make them behave? 
  • How does this problem make them think? 
  • What results are they looking for? 
  • What happy-ending are they after?

Why are potential clients NOT buying from me? 

That’s handy to know. 

But why?

Know what their objections are and you can meet them head on by creating content that manages them. 

The more information you can add to your Customer Persona the better. 

Back up…

What’s a Customer Persona? 

You may also have heard them being called avatar, ideal client, dream client

These are the people you want to be selling to. You want them to buy your product or service. 

The more you know about them, find out what really is going on for them, the problems they face and the outcomes they want it becomes easier to attract them with your marketing. 

There’s also this to consider about your customer persona.

Who’s NOT your ideal client?

You might be tempted to say ‘There’s no such thing!’ Anyone willing to give you money has to be an ideal client, right? 

Spend time getting clear on who you don’t want as a client

And this helps you to be specific as to what content you create for your marketing.  

I am Marketing my business but I’m not attracting leads or clients. How do I stand-out online? 

It’s noisy online isn’t it? 

And there’s nothing worse than posting content to get tumbleweed. 


We work together and have a bit of fun with this.

We grab a virtual cuppa and get our thinking caps on. 

The last thing you want to feel is overwhelmed with how much content you’re creating (that isn’t getting you noticed) so we look at 

  • What are your objectives for your business?
  • Who is you’re target audience? 
  • What questions do you get asked the most by your audience?

(Answer the questions you get asked most frequently and you’ll stop feeling like a broken record answering the same questions time and time again).  

  • Where do I put my content so my target audience can find it?

Making not only your life easier but their life too. 

How easy are you making it for them to find you by sharing content that they want and need?

Are you sharing content that helps them to decide to buy from you?

That’s how you stand out.

Remember that people buy from people so we’ll also look at adding other content to build that all important know, like and trust. 

How do I start creating a marketing plan? 

With everything else there is to do when it comes to running a business, marketing can be one of those tasks that well, let’s be honest, it can be a bit sporadic and have a scattergun approach to it.

How do you create a marketing plan that keeps you visible consistently and helps you to achieve your business goals? 

It can be a: 

  • word document or an excel sheet. 
  • A wall with post-it notes and dates. 
  • Software like Trello or Asana.

Whatever keeps you organised. 

When you work with me, I give you templates to plan out your content month by month, week by week and day by day so you’re always ahead of the game.

The content you put onto these templates will link to the objectives of your business. 

Put in the theme/topic your content will be about and a date by when you will create the content. 

Accountability #AlwaysWithLove

What do I do with this content once I’ve created it?

I’d encourage you to post it onto your website and then use your social media platforms to drive traffic to it. 

Sending it to those on your email list is also another way to get eyeballs on your content.

Together we’ll create a plan on a variety of other ways you can repurpose your content to get more eyeballs on it. A blog is so much more than content that sits on your website. 

I’m busy. What can I do to make sure I create content consistently?

Chances are there’s just you in your business. 

You’ve got everything else to do. 

Remember marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

It’s what keeps a stream of clients coming your way. 

Make time for your marketing. 

Block time out in your diary to create your content. 

This could be one day a week or a few hours each day to get it done. 

Find what works for you and stick to it.

Once you’ve got your plan for your content, stick with it. 

1 new blog a week for 48 weeks. 

That’s 48 pieces of useful content you can use time and time again. 

1 new blog every fortnight for 48 weeks that 24 pieces of useful content you can use time and time again.

Once it’s on your website it’s there for your audience to read. 

And the more fab content you have that’s answering their questions, imagine how much easier it will be to get clients. 


In Summary

You may now have some key questions to ask and answer to get you unstuck. Grab a cuppa and go through the questions in this Blog. 

What changes can you make to your marketing? 

Your business needs clients to survive, and marketing that works for you is essential. 

If you feel stuck with how to make your marketing work for you let’s chat or download ‘Your 6 step faff-free action plan to get your business from surviving to thriving’.


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