You’re helping Google and they’ll love you for that. 

Keep in mind the goal for Google, and all other search engines, is to give the best answers and the best content that answers what the searcher has typed in.

Writing blogs that are useful and helpful to your audience regularly gives you a better change of Google ranking your site higher with each blog you write and add.

The fab peeps at SEO Site Check Up tell us:

“Fresh content = Frequent indexing

Don’t confuse this phrase with the thinking that fresh content will give you higher indexing. That may not be the case. However, the more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your website. When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the content you provide.”

Create a go-to website for your audience.

Not only does Google fall more in love with your website when you’re writing blogs and adding content that’s useful and helpful, your audience will too.

Who doesn’t love a website with a mahoosive selection of useful and helpful content?

  • Imagine creating a website that once your audience finds it, they keep coming back for more of your fabulous blogs.
  • Imagine creating a website that has a selection of the most useful and helpful content for your audience.
  • Imagine your blogs doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to getting more enquiries, leads and clients for your business.

Blogging regularly can do that for you.

Have a bank of content you can repurpose when you’re writing blogs weekly.

When you’ve written your blog and published it to your website, repurpose it.

Use the blog you’ve written to create more content.

Here’s 3 ways you can repurpose your blog:

Create social media posts

Share with your email list

Turn them into infographics

(Don’t worry about wondering how to create your fab infographics. has some ready made infographic templates you can make your own. Woohoo!)

Get more ideas on how to repurpose your blogs here 

Have fresh new quality content every week for your audience when you blog weekly.

Each week you’ll have new content to share with your audience.


  • Tell them it’s on your website waiting for them.
  • Drive them to your blog and your website by creating posts on social media telling them it’s there.
  • Share with you email list too to get more eyeballs on it.

Build authority and trust with your audience when you write your blog weekly.

Does your audience know who you are, what you do, how you can help them and how you’ve helped others?

Writing quality blogs that are useful and helpful consistently helps you achieve this – and more.

Check out my blog – How to create and use content to build trust and authority

Mark Schaefer says it like this.

In fact, there’s only one thing that counts today, only one source of power and influence when it comes to the online world. And it is this.

To be known.

Your blogs can help your audience decide if you’re right for them, or not.

Writing blogs that help your reader decide if you’re the one for them is a no-brainer.

Think of all the questions they have BEFORE they decide to buy from you.

Use your blogs to answer them.

In the early days of them reading your blog, they’re looking to identify their problem and find solutions for the problem they have.

Then further down the line they’ll want to know more about how your products or services can specifically help them.

Are you spending your valuable time answering questions and sending emails backwards and forwards answering their questions?

Think of all the time you’d save if you had a blog, on your website, to answer their questions.
How fab will they think you are?

Your website is open 24/7.

It can be anwering questions while you sleep, work on your business, spend time with clients and so much more.

Writing blogs that answer the questions they have about your products or services will save you so much time and hassle.

But what if they email me and ask questions?

Reply to their email and include the link to your blog, and any others you think they’ll find useful and helpful.

Job done.
They love you!


Grow your email list more quickly.

Writing blogs is a great way to build and grow your email list.

Add a call to action where you offer your blog reader the opportunity to sign-up for your lead magnet.

The more regularly you’re writing blogs the more often their eyeballs will be on your fabulous lead magnets.

Want to know more about creating your irresistible lead magnets? Check out my Beginners guide to creating irresistible lead magnets 

More content to do more with.

Another much under estimated benefit to writing blogs regularly is using them to create e-books for your audience.

Writing an e-book from scratch can seem a huge task, can’t it?

Make it easier on yourself.

Once you’ve got into your groove of writing blogs weekly, you’ll have a wide selection of useful and helpful blogs. You can use to create even more valuable content to your audience.

  • Use blogs you’ve written on a specific theme or a topic and turn them into an e-book.
  • Each blog can be a section of your e-book.
  • You can then offer your fab e-book as a lead magnet which is another way to build and grow your email list.

And yes, add the offer to sign-up for your e-book on your blog.

Achieve your business goals and objectives more quickly 

Your blogs can play their part in helping you achieve your business goals and objectives.

They really can.

As long as you know what your goals and objectives for your business are.

Without them you’ll be writing blogs without having a clear purpose for them.

If you don’t know your business goals and objectives, block some time into your diary now to get clear on what they are for your business BEFORE you dive into blogging.

Then you can map out what blogs to write to help you achieve your goals.

Check out my blog How to create your 12 months marketing plan to support your business goals and objectives

Consistently add valuable content to your website.

When you commit to writing a blog each week you could add 40+ new blogs to your website every year.

I know there’s 52 weeks in the year but even the most committed business owner needs a wee holiday.

So just imagine.

That’s 40+ blogs added to your website for your reader to enjoy and to help them decide to buy from you, or not.


Gain invaluable information about your audience.

Gain invaluable insights into what your audience wants to read and not read.

Check how your blog is performing on your website and social media gives you the added benefit and insights of knowing and understanding what your audience wants to know more about, and what they want to know less about.

This way you can spend your time writing blogs they want to read.

What about your blogs that aren’t performing so well?

Unpublish them from your website and have a think about what to do with them rather than deleting straight away.

You may benefit from:

  • Updating them.
  • Tweaking them.
  • Repurposing them.

In Summary

What’s the unexpected benefits to writing blogs weekly?

I know it may seem a big commitment to write a blog every week, but imagine the benefits to your business.

Help Google to love you even more

Create a go-to website for your audience

Create your bank of content you can repurpose in so many ways

Provide consistent and quality blogs for your audience

Build and grow your authority in your area of expertise

Build and grow your email list more quickly

Create more ebooks for your audience

Achieve your business goals and objectives more quickly

Gain invaluable insights into your audience


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