You ask for testimonials, but are you asking for them in the RIGHT way? I know, who knew….

Your testimonials should help you sell.

Find out what you can do to supercharge your testimonials so you can attract more clients – easily!

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Trust: It’s Important.

Hello and Hi!

I have a cup of tea. Which means two things. One, I like tea. And two, I’ve got a wee top tip for ya.

Now we know online, we need to have know, like and trust going on, don’t we?

People buy from you when they know you, like you and trust you.

What if you’re not getting that? What if you’re struggling?

Ask For Testimonials

There’s a few ways.

I was actually at a business on Monday; one of my clients, and I was asking them about their testimonials.

They don’t ask for them.

Now, they’re not alone. A lot of people will go I don’t ask for testimonials. What if they say something that’s y’know really rubbish … Don’t want it.

Or you’ll have a business that maybe you’ve got hundreds of the things. They’re all over your website, all over your social media, you know what?

You’re so happy to go, look at all these lovely testimonials! But what if they’re not still cutting the mustard?

It’s About Getting What You Ask For

What if you’re politely saying to a client, it would be really great if you just could just drop me a few lines about how we got on.

Which is what they’ll do.

They’ll send you a testimonial to say, really nice to work with, really friendly and helpful.

Yeah, and? Is that it?

You haven’t asked for exactly what it is you would like them to say.

What you would like them to say, is something that someone in your audience comes across, reads and answers an objection that they might have.

Ask A Question That Gets The Answer You Want

An objection along the lines, well, this may be a bit pricey.

Be sure to ask for a testimonial like this; ‘So tell me, the price, is it worth it?’

The testimonial that you get:

‘I’ll be honest, I did think it was a bit expensive to begin with but the results that I’ve got are amazing. Followed with the examples of the results that they got by buying your product or service.’


Yeah! Your testimonials are your cheerleader!

Find Your Cheerleaders!

Let past clients, current clients do the graft for you. Let them tell other people through the testimonials how good you are.

Have a look at your testimonials. Are you nice?

Are you really lovely to work with? I have no doubt that you are really lovely and we would have a great time over a cup of tea together.

Imagine a member of your audience stumbles across your website and that’s the kind of testimonials that you are offering them, you may as well just have a picture of, oh, I don’t know, somebody’s cute cat or something.

Make your testimonials work hard.


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