Do you sit there wondering what to say to attract more clients to your business?

Do you worry your marketing is being ignored and you’re not standing out?

Does marketing your business feel like a constant uphill struggle, it’s a huge headache for you and you’re believing you’re just not cut out for this when everyone else makes it look so blinking easy?

First things first – being fab at what you do is what you do.

It’s why your clients love you, but getting in front of them, staying in front of them and then getting them to buy from you is hard.  When you tell yourself it is.

And it can seem harder if you’ve quit your day job to live your dream, follow your passion and to start again.

You probably didn’t give marketing a second thought.

No-one’s shown you what to do

You thought it would be easy so….

You got a website, a Facebook page maybe a Twitter account and hey presto, your clients flood in.

They don’t! And suddenly Marketing is all you focus on.  It becomes a huge headache and one big nightmare.

Cue panic mode, the startled bunny look and let’s not forget the feeling of frustration.

Chances are you’re making these mistakes:

♦  You bombard social media with announcements about what you do, with how much it costs and you tell people to buy now if not sooner

♦  Everyone becomes your client – you’ll work with anyone

♦  You look at what the competition is doing and do the same or very similar 🙂 (it works for them right?)

♦  You spend ages on social media in the hope that by being there (watching hilarious and deep and meaningful videos), you’ll attract clients by osmosis (it’s a thing, my son did it in science last week…)

♦  You believe that posting once a month should do it

♦  You sound like a robot because you believe that’s the best way to speak. You’re a proper business owner after all

♦  You put any old stuff out there because it’s better than nothing

For the love of a cuppa tea and a Tunnock’s Tea Cake (it’s a thing – I love them!)



For a wee moment…


Drop your shoulders…


Now then….

♥  You’re good at what you do  – yes?

♥  You’re clients love the results you help them get – yes?

♥  You’ve solved a problem for them – yes?

Ditch the struggle and start being a person.

A person that:

  •  Listens to what their client is saying
  •  Understands their wants and needs
  •  Understands how their client feels and thinks about the problem they have right now
  •  Shares with them the benefits of being free of their problem
  •  Knows and tells their client they know the happy ending they’re after
  •  Chats because they know marketing is all about creating and building a relationship with their ideal client.
  •  Pays attention to where their clients hang out, looks for help and information for support with their problem
  •  Offers value, support and advice to their clients by offering fab freebies, Blogs that have content relevant to what their client wants, sends emails that their client wants to read because they know what’s in them is fab, products or services that are spot on, a website that tells them they’re in the right place straight away, is easy to use and makes it clear what action to take to get in touch you
  •  Ask questions because that’s what you do in an everyday chat
  •  Shares what people want to know
  •  Shows what goes on behind the scenes because they’re not a business owner 24/7
  •  Talks to one person, an individual, and uses ‘you’ in their content

That, to me, is marketing.

You understand another persons pain, you create and build a relationship with them and then you help them solve that problem.

Got questions? Pop them below and I’ll answer it for you.

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