Pick My Brains Over a Virtual Cuppa

Get an answer to your burning marketing questions so you can get on with building and growing your business.

All you want is to run something by someone in the know.

Without signing up for on-going 1:1 sessions, a lengthy course or programme.

That’s why I created my “Pick My Brains Over a Virtual Cuppa” for only £127.

What can we have a good chat about?


Dive into your social media and check out how this is performing for you, and identify where you can improve so you can get more leads and clients.


Work together on where and how you can find your ideal client, and discover what it is they want and need from you so you don’t waste any more of your time and energy on guess-work.


Put together a marketing plan for one of your products or services so you know what content to create to give you the best chance of getting eyeballs on your business.


Look at how you can increase traffic to your website and keep them on your site for longer.


Brainstorm ideas for an irresistible lead magnet.


Or perhaps it's something else.

You can ‘pick my brain’ on anything you want to do with your marketing.

Before I spoke to Tracey I was confused about how to find my target audience. Apparently, they were out there, but I was running myself ragged trying to get myself seen by anyone and everyone.

Then I found Tracey and all that stopped.

She got me to focus and relax. She helped me to find out where my target audience is and how to approach and interact with them. The results have been fabulous. Not only has this won me clients, but I’ve found some very useful contacts who may need my services in the future.

Tracey is so calm, funny but most of all, professional. She made me feel like I’d known her years from the very first second. She puts you at ease, allays your fears and makes you realise marketing is so much fun when you do it right!

Matthew Drzymala

Indelible Think Copywriting Service

Book your 1-hour call with me and pick my brain over a virtual cuppa for £127

Click Book Now below to book your session, pay and fill out the pre-call questionnaire.


We have our video call for 60 minutes and it’s recorded on Zoom.

The recording of your call will be sent to you within 2 hours.

The time and money you invest for this call works out much less than the time you take trying to work it out by yourself!

Thank you so much for your help and support with my social media.

I was totally confused and you put me at my ease straight away. I now feel more comfortable about the direction I am going in and how to use my blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts together to get my message across.

You also made me feel more confident about building up a network of contacts and approaching people with similar interests.

Siobhan Daniels


I was struggling with promoting my website 50Sense.net and had hit a plateau. Tracey went through the site with me and explained how to turn it around so it was more reader-focussed.

She showed me how I’d created a site that assumed everyone understood my mission already, rather than guide readers through and explain to them how 50Sense could help them. She also helped me focus my Twitter strategy more, with a stronger bio and cover art. Tracey showed me how to build a stronger brand and take pride in it, while learning from elements that didn’t work.

As a result, my readership has started rising again and more importantly, I feel more confident in promoting my work.

Elizabeth ellis

Journalist , Founder Pausitivity and 50Sense

Loved helping Tan to gain clarity on his way forward after leaving his job to start his own business.

Tan Lay

Hi, I’m Tracey!

Starting your own business can be exciting but getting your head around all this business and marketing malarkey and getting leads and clients can be tough.

Many of my clients are like me.

Ditched the day job to go it alone.

Being a business owner and marketing doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. It can be simple, effective and fun!

I teach business owners how to get more leads and clients so they can make more money, make more sales and grow their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you record the call?

I use Zoom to record the call which is great for sharing our screens with each other. 

And you don’t need to have an account with Zoom for our call. 

The link I send you in your call confirmation is all you need. 

Why can’t we meet in person?
We’re busy people so let’s make the most of our time by working as efficiently as we can. 

With a video call we still have the benefit of being face-to-face no matter where you’re based. 

No looking for parking or paying for parking either. Bonus! 

When and how do I pay for the call?

You pay for the call at the time of booking.

Your call will only go ahead when payment has been received. 

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Life happens, so if you need to reschedule up to 24 hours before our call there’s no charge. 

You can rearrange your call in the links you receive in your confirmation email. 

How soon will I receive the recording of our call?

I’ll get the recording to you within 2 hours of our call. (Any technical problems, I’ll let you know asap).

Why do you charge for the call?

Every day I’m asked to hop on a quick call, meet for coffee and a natter or to answer a few questions on email. 

I do love a natter over a cup of tea, but like you there’s only so much time I can give away for free. 

What will we cover on the call?

The call is your space to discuss what’s important to you. 

When you book your call, I’ll ask you what your top 3 questions/problems are that you want to focus on during your call.

An example, I can give you a quick template for a marketing plan. We can then spend time outlining content to include to align your marketing with your business objectives/goals. 

Or we can chat about how to find your audience and get more clients.

Or the best way to stand out on social media so you can increase engagement on your posts. 

This is your space, but remember we have an hour together, so be sure to be clear on what you want to ask so you get the most out of our call. 

Want to cancel?

Let me know 24 hours before our call and I’ll refund you your full payment. 

Email me at hello@traceytait.com and we’ll get it arranged for you. 

Want to cancel with less than 24 hours notice? 

You won’t get your money back. 

The same applies if you don’t show up for our call. 

 Tracey gave me advice to help me start marketing my new business on social media. She has a great  understanding of the social aspect of social media and gave me lots of useful tips and ideas for posts and planning content.

Tracey doesn’t just give advice, she models a great example of how to interact with potential clients in person and on social media platforms – she is approachable and helpful.


Cambridge Weight Plan

I wanted help and guidance with my Content Planning, writing a personal bio and also how I can get my personality to come through with my content.

I feel much more confident in developing my content now. I have some great techniques to support me with this as well as for creating my personal bio.

Tracey helped me navigate what can be quite a minefield area, for me, with ease and left me with some great tools and techniques I can use. I really like the fact that the call is recorded so that I can refer back to it.

Sadie gough

Mindset Coach, Inspire to Aspire

Arrange your call

How much? £127

If you’re looking for advice on how to get going rather than faffing and how to get the most out of your marketing for your business, without signing up for an in-depth, on-going course and you want your big, burning questions answered sooner rather than later, arrange your call.

You ask, I answer

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