There I was ready to get out there and work with my first client and I was excited. Wondering who they would be, what their problem was that I could help them solve and the difference I could make to their life.

Who was my ideal client?

Well, EVERYONE of course!

I had this mahoosive toolkit jam-packed full of tools, techniques and strategies itching to be used to help someone have those light-bulb inducing moments.

Coaching is coaching is coaching right?

But when you want to make a living from supporting and helping others it’s time to put your business head on.

Sadly, they don’t teach you the ‘business stuff’ when you’re learning how to be a coach.

Which means you go out into the big wide world full of hope and enthusiasm and a bit of an idea that you’re going to save the world.

And it’s not only coaches but anyone who puts on their brave face and makes the decision to go it alone.

We’re not taught what will really help you become a successful business owner

You have a product or service that you know is wanted and needed and you want everyone to know about it.

You believe they’ll all want it and buy it from you making you lots of money. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

What many business owners do is talk to everyone

That’s what your gut tells you to do so when you hear that it’s better for your business if you get really focused the better your results will be.

And no doubt this is your cue to go ‘Eh?????’

And you may well ask ‘Why would I want to ignore all those lovely people out there that I can sell my product or services to?

First things first and let’s get to grips with what on earth is a niche.

What is a niche?

For me it’s the specific problem that’s going through your ideal client’s mind each and every day. It’s keeping them awake at night, it’s a huge obstacle for them and here’s the fabby bit, you know how to solve that problem for them.

What understanding your niche will mean for you:

  • You can then talk to them directly about their problem and how you can solve it
  • Because you understand them your marketing will speak directly to them – loud and clear
  • You’ll get to know your ideal clients better than they know themselves. Imagine how they’ll feel when you talk to them as if you’re reading their mind. That’s got to be good for grabbing their attention and getting sales!
  • It goes a long way to building know, like and trust for them. And because people buy people, when they’re ready to buy it will be you they think of first

When you start to speak and communicate around a specific problem, people will respond because they’ll now, without a doubt that your message is talking directly to them.

You’ll also help your ideal client find you more quickly because they won’t have to wade through all the noise that’s out there trying to grab their attention.

Over To You

So how can you get more specific in who you’re talking to so they’ll know you are the person for them to solve their problem?

Here’s what a client of mine had to say recently after a chat we had about this very subject:

Tracey has been coaching me primarily in the marketing of my business. In particular she has helped me with choosing a niche and marketing clearly to that niche.

Her coaching has helped bring out in me abilities that I didn’t know I had.  She has never told me what to do, merely helped me realise for myself.

Tracey has also helped me focus my efforts and thoughts, making them more effective. This in turn has freed up not only my time but also the clutter in my head.

This has all been done in a warm and friendly manner with no pressure at all.

I have no hesitation in recommending her whatsoever.

Liz Bailey Love Typing

If you feel stuck with how to make your marketing work for you let’s chat or download ‘Your 6 step faff-free action plan to get your business from surviving to thriving’.


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