What’s a good email subject line? What will stand out in peeps inboxes?

It can be tough thinking of email subject lines so here are 17 that my email list really liked.

The open rates range from 60% to 74% and I’ve listed them for you from highest to lowest.

I’m gob-smacked too truth be told!

And if you want to ‘borrow’ them go ahead.

Use my wording and tweak it for your market or service.

Here they are:

  1. How NOT to go about updating your website content – 74% open rate
  2. Why you need to share different content to turn a stranger into a  buyer – 71% open rate
  3. Why you’re not making progress as quickly as you’d hoped – 70% open rate
  4. Magnetic marketing: Why it needs to REPEL those that aren’t a fit – 67% open rate
  5. Who are you talking to? A wee tip to make it blooming obvious – 67% open rate
  6. What if it’s not obvious to your audience? 66% open rate
  7. 3 ways to show you know your stuff WITHOUT coming across as full of  oneself – 65% open rate
  8. How to use your fab freebie to promote your paid for product – 64% open rate
  9. Are you creating myth busting content? (Fab example included) – 63% open rate
  10. Why is asking better questions so important? – 63% open rate
  11. Use the underused power of explaining what happens next – 63% open rate
  12. Business like a leaky bucket? 3 steps to fix it – 62% open rate
  13. My very unexpected source for content inspiration – 61% open rate
  14. Why you need to manage ALL their objections – 61% open rate
  15. Is it time to plug these gaps in your marketing? – 61% open rate
  16. Disappointing buying experiences (and how they can help your marketing) – 60% open rate
  17. Not getting referrals? 3 reasons why – 60% open rate

Why am I sharing these email subject lines with you?

Why am I sharing these email subject lines with you?

Well for two reasons.

They may be useful and helpful to you and inspire some subject line ideas


Perhaps you haven’t checked how your emails to your email list are performing and what’s grabbing the attention of your readers.

What the peeps on your list are opening can help you send better emails and get better results.


Over time you can break your email recipients into smaller and way more targeted lists.

Why would you want to break your email list into more targeted lists?

It can be easy to think one blanket email to all the fab peeps on your email list will work its magic, and have your email readers enchanted by your emails, you and your offers.

You do know you ain’t chocolate?

What can happen when you ignore what emails they’re opening, or not, is you send them content that’s not useful or helpful to them.

That can stop them opening your emails or unsubscribing and shaking their head at what could have been…

How to get started with your email segmentation (so the peeps on your list think you’re a mind-reader because you’re alsways sending them what they want and need)

It can be so easy for your email list segments to become more tangled and a knottier mess than the Christmas tree lights when you take them out the box (even though you packed them so carefully last year!) so before you start hacking up your email list ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve with my email segmentation strategy?
  • What information do I need to segment my list?
  • What information do I need to add better value to my email readers?
  • How can I best personalise my emails for my audience?
  • What segments do I need to separate out? Why?
  • How will I measure the segments results?

Want list segment ideas?

Two ways you can segment your list is by:

  • Demographics
  • Behaviour


Demographic data can include any personal characteristics of your ideal client.

This could be their age, gender, location, job title, salary etc


What links are they clicking on within your emails?

These could be blog links you share with them, links to your service, product or to book a call with you and they’ve not taken action or perhaps they’ve stopped opening your emails.

Create segments that make sense to you.

Anything else?

Experiment with your segments and be sure to measure the results.

What are the benefits to segmenting my email list?

Here’s four:

  • Increase in open rates because you’re sending more content your reader wants to read.
  • Increase in clicks because again you’re being more relevant to your reader
  • Increase in sales because you’re more likely to offer the reader the offer that’s a good fit for them
  • Less un-subscribes because…? You got it! You’re sending more of what they want, more value and not just adding to the noise that’s in their inbox.



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