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Get better at marketing with easy-to-action marketing tips and advice and other inspirational gems you can implement each week to improve your online presence. 


The Monday Morning Marketing Memo is your weekly newsletter that’s delivered straight to your inbox. I give you advice and guidance on all things marketing – from lead generation, content marketing, boosting your engagement, standing out online and more.

I’ll share what fabulousness I’m using to help me with my business – everything from books, blogs, podcasts and software,  examples of who’s doing amazeballs stuff in the online world and I’ll share the warts and all of what goes on in my adventures of being a business owner. Some giggles along the way guaranteed 😊


Easy to action marketing tips and advice


Useful and helpful marketing content I've found online


My own business ups and downs - warts and all 🙄


Books, podcasts, software and tools worth having

What lovely peeps are saying

Who am I to pop into your inbox every Monday and talk to you about marketing?

I love helping people and giving them information, support and what they need to know to grow their business. It’s not all roses and Homes Under The Hammer.

Keeping things simple is what I’m all about. And having a laugh too. (Mostly at my own expense).

I’ve been a marketing manager and now as a marketing coach and trainer, I’m still a huge fan of taking what can appear complicated and making it easier and more straight-forward with a huge sprinkle of fun too.

Being a business owner myself I understand what it’s like to be the captain of your own ship, so I love it when I can help and support others to create their actionable plan, supported with step-by-step processes for their business so they can have more leads, more clients and the business they want.

What time to I pop in to your Inbox on a Monday morning? 

10.15am. The perfect time for a cuppa ☕

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