How do you go from offering something for free – your lead magnet – to selling more in an non-icky way?

We all love getting stuff for free.

Your audience isn’t any different.

But to stay in business we’ve gotta make money from what we do.

And that includes leveraging our freebies.



In this blog I’m going to show you how to use your lead magnet to sell more.

Offer an irresistible lead magnet

One way is to have and offer a freebie around a specific topic or interest that is also leads to easily introducing your paid for product or service and get sales.  

What could that look like in real-life?

Let’s say you work with parents with toddlers and mealtimes are a bit of a battlefield.

And for these parent’s there’s:

  • Tantrum’s galore
  • Food is thrown on the floor and the walls
  • And parents are worried their wee one isn’t getting the nutrition they need to grow big and strong.

You know you can help them

You’ve got an offer that’s perfect for them.

It helps them achieve what they’re after.

Your fab product or service

It’s your ‘Calm mealtimes with your toddler method

But they might not be ready to buy from you.

Get your lead magnet to do the heavy lifting

Yes, you’ve got your sales page for your offer and rather than expecting that to do all the heavy lifting to get you sales, you also offer your fab freebie.

Perhaps it’s a checklist and you call it:

Your 5 steps to calm and chaos free mealtimes with your toddler checklist (for frazzled parents)

In your freebie you teach them something they can easily implement, create clarity for them and give them space to breathe.

Help them to unfrazzle.

Help them to see you as the solver of their problem.

What else…?

It’s helping them to see you as the solver of their problem.

And because they’ve given you their email to receive your fab freebie, you’re now in a very privileged position.

You’re going to be in their inbox.

Show up like their pen pal

You can now build trust and create a relationship with them by sharing useful and helpful emails.

Here’s an 8-step email framework you can use.


1. Welcome email

In this email you give them the lead magnet and have a wee chat with them.

Suggest they download the freebie and grab a cuppa and read it.

2. How to make the most of this freebie

Email them with a suggestion or two how they can get the best from your fab freebie.

3. Nudge email

Let’s be honest, we know peeps are busy so remind them to download it and what benefits they’re going to get from it.

4. What’s your story?

Share that you understand/empathise with their struggle and this is where you can casually introduce your offer.

5. Client win

Share a win or a fab result a client of yours has had.

The key is to keep it relevant to your reader.

Include a call to action.

This might be to click a link that takes them to one of your most popular blogs. Remember to keep the topic relevant for your reader

6. Sitting on the fence

This email is all about your offer.

What’s keeping them on the fence from taking you up on your paid offer?

Manage their objection.

And yes, include a call to action.

7. Take them behind the curtain

Give them a peak behind the curtain.

Show them your product.

If you offer a service explain what it’s like to work with you and what they’ll get.

Include a call to action

8. Follow-up

A week or 10-days later after the peak behind the curtain and they’ve not bought from you send them an email to explain what happens next.

It might be that they’ll go onto your weekly email list where you continue to send them useful and helpful content.

Stay useful and helpful and include a link to a fab blog.

Why building your email list is such a fantabulous idea

There’s less algorithms to deal with compared to social media

Apart from being an effective way to get people to sign up to your paid for product or service, you’re building your list with people who are interested in the subject matter or topic of your paid for offerings.

And even if they don’t buy from you now, you now know what they are interested in so keep the chat with them going and they may buy from you later.

Building a list is an asset for your business. It’s yours.

Don’t have the time?

Bet you’re thinking creating your fab freebie will take you a bucket load of time…

When you’re creating your product or service you’ll be paying close attention to the content you’re mapping out to include / offer, so you can pick one specific area or topic and create your fab freebie around it and create top tips relating to it.


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