I’d talk to a lamp post if it stood still long enough.

I’m not going to lie to you I love a blether, a natter, a chat.

And at networking events time is precious.

It can slip away which is why I’ve realised how important it is to be able to answer that all important question succinctly and clearly.

Which is why, when I’m at in-person networking events I like to be able to answer the question ‘So what do you do?’ in a way that doesn’t leave the asker wishing they hadn’t bothered or non-the wiser when I tell them.

I thought I’d nailed how to answer this question but I’ve been so out of practice answering it in real-life there’s been times I’ve confused myself what I do.

Stumbled over my words and it’s not sounded natural or conversational at all.

But you know what?

It turns out it’s not just a Tracey getting back into her answering THE question groove thing.

There’s other business owners out there really struggling to answer the ‘So what do you do?’ question.

And some are definitely leaving the asker confused and non-the-wiser about what they do.

Which is a shame because they could be missing out on gaining a new client, having further chats, a collaboration or getting referrals.

I’ve noticed it’s also making some business owners nervous and putting them off going to future face-to-face networking events and online networking events.

Some have even mentioned they dread being asked the question.

Without being pushy I explain I’ve got a way to help you explain what you do.

In fact, I’ve got a few ways because we’re all different and different approaches can work better for folks.

Two ways to explain what you do in one easy to understand sentence

You can use these handy-dandy little formats.

  • Practice saying them out loud
  • In front of the mirror
  • In front of a friend
  • Or a fellow business owner.

Idea #1

I help (insert perfect client profile) who (insert painful problem) to (insert solution for client).


I help parents of toddlers who are fussy-eaters and suffer meal-times that are like a battle-field, to have a family meal that’s tantrum free.

I help busy business owners who hate numbers to have well-kept accounts so they know where they are financially.

Idea #2

I help <your audience> achieve <benefit> without <something they want to avoid>


I help parents of fussy-toddlers create tantrum free meal-times without cooking different meals for everyone.

I help busy business owners who hate numbers know where they are financially without all the financial jargon.

Want to know how to craft an answer that’s a bit more in depth? Get it here.

Over to you

How easy is it to understand what you do?

If I was to ask you ‘What do you do?’ would I be crystal clear or confused and confuddled?

Is your reply as clear as you’d like it to be? Would it benefit from a wee tweak here and there?


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