Have you ever noticed how long it takes you to get a decent and inspired content idea out of your head?

Me too?

One thing I’m working on this year is spending waaay less time dragging content ideas out of my sometimes empty or busy head.

Yes, like sooo many other business owners I’ve been known to sit with my cuppa staring at a blank screen for ages.

I’ve enjoyed my cuppa but not the lack of content ideas of creation.

At the end of last year I thought something’s gonna need a tweak.

So I tweaked it 😆

What am I doing differently?

My new(ish) approach to inspiring content ideas for 2024 means doing a couple of things differently.

#1 What’s inspired me this week? 💡⚡

#2 Reviewing old content (I kid you not I’ve got content I’d totally forgotten about that’s gathering dust)

What’s inspired me this week?

I’ve been giving myself 10-minutes(!) to write 5 things I’ve heard, watched or read in the last few days that I can talk about.

If it resonated or hit home for me chances are it’s gonna be useful and helpful to other business owners.

💡 Fellow business owners: From in-person chats I’ve had with them, emails, telephone calls, texts etc…

💡 Clients: What have they asked me, said they’re struggling with, A-ha! moments they’ve had etc

💡 Me: Every day is a school day here at Tait Towers so what have I read, listened to, watched or observed that’s been useful and helpful to me? Any A-ha! moments for me? What’s worked well for me and what really hasn’t. What’s going on inside my head – mindset anyone?

Reviewing old content

I’m lucky enough to have a bank of content I’ve put out there already.

And you don’t need a mahoosive back catalogue of content to use this idea.

Which content is getting the most love?

I’m not talking about content that’s gone viral.

How has one post or blog performed compared to another?

And it’s a good habit to get into – keeping an eye on your content and how it’s performing.

What gets measured gets improved and all that 😁

What next?

Well, my ideas list has been known to have more than 5 things on it.

I had 18 ideas in 10-minutes last week.

I know! Surprised me too.

Didn’t know I could write so fast and STILL read my writing 😆

Yup, I’m more of a pen and pencil kinda gal.

What do I do with all these ideas?

Many items on the list can be saved for another day, because having content prompts really helps when I feel my head is empty or my brain decides not to co-operate with coming up with fresh and original ideas.

I pick 3-5 items from my list and then I set about listing how many ways I can talk about the one topic or theme.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Tell a wee story – (love this for helping me with ideas for my Newsletter the Monday Morning Marketing Memo).
  • How to
  • Mistakes I made
  • Mistakes I see being made
  • What finding out about this taught me
  • My fears, worries and doubts about
  • Top tips and ideas
  • My thoughts about
  • Client wins/progress

What’s next?

One idea can easily become so many different pieces of content.

Use it to create one piece of content and then repurpose it.

Top tip – When you repurpose a piece of content make a note of it. Create your very own repurposing content checklist. Get started or get more repurposing ideas >> here

  • It could be a topic for an email to your list
  • A social media post
  • A lead magnet
  • An email series
  • A video
  • A new product or service

Pause for thought

It’s not unheard of for us business owners to feel stuck, confuggled and overwhelmed.

And sometimes all at the same time.

🛑 Stop

☕ Take a break

💡 Could what you’re struggling with be turned into content to help your audience?

Over to you

  • When will you book in 10-minutes to allow 5 content ideas to bubble up?
  • What conversations did you have last week that could be a source of ideas?
  • What if you noticed how you’re feeling about a certain something and wrote about it? Could that be useful and helpful to your audience?


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