You see lots of them out there – Businesses offering a freebie, lead magnet or ethical bribe.

They’re a great way to help your audience.

It’s also a great way for you to build your relationship which your ideal client.

Your irresistible freebie can be the first real experience your potential clients will have of you and your work so you want it to be good.

But what if:

  • You don’t know how to decide what to include in your irresistible lead magnet
  • How much do you give away for Free?
  • How much is too much or too little to put into your irresistible freebie?

Knowing what to and how much to include in your lead magnet can be tricky.

Deciding how much to give away for free can leave many business owners pondering what’s right and enough.

In this blog, let’s chat about what your audience looks for in an irresistible lead magnet so you can create one that has the right content, the right amount of content so you’re not wasting your time creating them.

Why is creating and offering and irresistible lead magnet a good idea for YOU and your AUDIENCE?

Fab for you

Lead magnets are a great thing to offer for you and your business, because:

  • They help you create a fab email list that not only helps you to build that all important know, like and trust with those who have signed up; in time you can make your offers to those on your list and create your steady flow of leads and clients.

Fab for your audience

Lead magnets help your audience to:

  • Learn something valuable
  • Save time
  • Feel better about a problem they have
  • Open their eyes to what’s possible for them
  • Take action
  • Know, like and trust you
  • See you as a potential solution to their problem

The power of an irresistible lead magnet.

Signing up for your lead magnet is their ‘Getting to know you’ opportunity

Your lead magnet could be the first time they’ve been introduced to you, and they will form their first impression of you, and decide whether you are someone that they want to hear more from, and maybe buy from, or work with, at some point in the future.

So you want to make sure that their first impression is a good one!

A general rule of thumb is that you provide something that tells your potential client: 

WHY they need to be doing something 

WHAT it is they need to do

but without telling them or giving them too much of the HOW to do it.

Yes, this makes sense but it’s not a rule you should completely stick to it in every case as you don’t want to give away everything that you know for free in your lead magnet, but you do want to make a good first impression don’t you?

Give them what’s real value to them

Value comes from your great content.

This is when you give them something that has real value to them, something that is actionable content and impresses them and makes them want to hear more from you. (And ultimately helping them decide if you’re the right fit for them in the future, or not).

And this is where how well you know and understand your audience comes in.

What does your audience want help with right now?

Time to ask yourself:

  • What are your audience looking for help with?
  • What do they need to know?
  • What would be useful and interesting to them?
  • What are they searching for answers to on Google?

Do research if you need to.

You can then spend time finding out what their specific biggest worries/challenges/fears/frustrations/doubts/ blocks are rather than guessing.

Not only will this research help you create your lead magnets, it will help you create useful and helpful follow-up emails you’ll send them after they’ve signed up for your lead magnet.

What format can I share my irresistible lead magnet in?

Need ideas on a format you can offer or deliver your irresistible lead magnet in?

I’ve listed 40 lead magnet ideas for you below:

  1. Access to all your previous fab lead magnets
  2. Audio
  3. Audio book
  4. Calendar
  5. Catalogue
  6. Challenge
  7. Cheat Sheet
  8. Checklist
  9. Desktop wallpaper
  10. Discounted coupon
  11. Early bird discount
  12. eBook
  13. Email course
  14. Event tickets
  15. Facebook group
  16. Free consultation
  17. Free quote
  18. Free trial
  19. Giveaway
  20. Guide
  21. Infographic
  22. Inspiration file or Ebook
  23. List of Upcoming events
  24. Newsletter
  25. Plan/Planner
  26. Printable
  27. Quiz
  28. Recipes
  29. Report
  30. Resource List
  31. Spreadsheet
  32. Survey
  33. Swipe file
  34. Template
  35. Toolkit
  36. Tutorial
  37. Video
  38. Waiting list
  39. Webinar
  40. Worksheet/Workbook

In Summary:

Lead magnets are a great way to build rapport with your audience and to be invited into their inbox.


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