Asking yourself ‘What can I do to improve my sell-ability? Make it more irresistible to my audience?’

Let me tell you about my friend and how here excitement about her latest purchase can inspire business owners like you.

“Tracey, I absolutely love it. Why didn’t I buy one sooner?” my friend exclaimed.

Recently she bought an-all-singing-and-dancing air-fryer.

It’s changed her life.

And she explained to me why.

It was quite a list of fantabulousness.

In fact, I’m sure I could hear the marketing peeps at Ninja giving themselves a mahoosive high-five while my friend and I chatted over a cuppa and a slice of cake.

10 ways it has made a positive difference to her life

  • Saving time – meals take less time to cook
  • Saving Money – because things take less time to cook she’s saving money
  • Less effort – the basket you cook in is so easy to clean
  • Quality – all the elements feel sturdy and robust
  • Gets her noticed – she has it on show on her kitchen and loves it when her friends notice
  • Excitement – she loves the noise it makes when it’s finished cooking and so do her grandsons. Their squeals of ‘Grandma, it’s ready!’ make her smile.
  • Talking point – when she mentions her new purchase it starts a fab chat.
  • Fun – she’s now got a list of air-fryer recipes she’s happy to share with other air-fryer users or delights in telling those who haven’t got one – yet – what they’re missing.
  • Motivation – she felt her meals were getting a bit meh. Her new purchase has re-ignited her desire to cook different meals and experiment with different ingredients.
  • Less arguments with her husband  – yes, it’s caught the attention of her husband! So much so he’s now cooking more meals so there’s less disagreements about whose turn it is to cook.

How can my friend’s joy help you? 

Consider your service or one of your services.

Are you missing talking about key benefits of what it gives and brings to your client on a more human level?

This could be in your sales pages, your emails, your blogs and your social media.

It can be easy to miss those little gems that could make all the difference from taking someone from a browser to a buyer.

To really tick their boxes so buying from you becomes an easier ‘Yes!’

Where can you look to get inspiration for boosts for your sell-ability?

Testimonials are a great place to start. What nuggets have you missed?

Before you created your offer did you do any research to ensure peeps wanted it? If so, there could be diamonds you’ve missed.

Not done any research? Might be worth setting aside some time so you can scratch below the surface of what struggles and niggles are going on for your ideal client and what it would mean to them to if they were reduced or gone.


  • How useful, practical, handy, simple, fun and doable is your service?
  • How does accessing your service make your client feel?
  • What personal transformation could they achieve?
  • How does your service help your client change the world and their world?



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