What if you knew how to create your own successful business, after you’ve quit your 9-5?

What if you could have the fun and the freedom whilst getting your business out there?

And what it would feel like if you had a clear vision, a focused plan that would get you results and a head free from doubt and fear, so you could create your business that made you chuffed you cut the shackles of your 9-5?

Not enjoying the freedom you thought you’d have since you ditched your day job and set up your business?

  • Maybe it’s the lack of money – it’s not coming in the way you’d hoped it would
  • Not getting the clients – even though you know what you do is fab
  • Your time is spent worrying about making it work than it actually working
  • And what about, remembering to tell your face to play the game when you say ‘It’s great! All great and the best thing I’ve ever done’ When you’re asked, ‘How’s it going? This having your own business malarkey.’

There’s more to being brilliant at what you do to have a money-making, client attracting, freedom inducing business.

Your Success Starts In Your Head

Chances are you’re busy. Busy doing stuff. Doing marketing. Doing networking. Doing a website.


It’s what we do when we’ve gone from being and employee.  We were doers in our past life.

And that’s where we make our first mistake.

We’re not thinking, acting or feeling like a Boss. We’re still in employee mode.

So the question is……

Who Are You Being To Create Your Successful Business?

There will be days…

  • when you’re motivation is nowhere to be found
  • when you’re full of self-doubt and fear
  • when that mistake is enough to send you back to writing up your CV
  • when people won’t agree with what you’ve said or how you’re doing things
  • when you hear the sounds of crickets when you’re Facebook page gets no new likes

And believe me, there will be days you miss the office politics. At least then you had someone to talk to then.

All is not lost 🙂

Take A Step Back

When it gets like this, it’s time to stop, take a step back and breathe.

Pop the kettle on, pop a digestive or two on a plate and take time to be still.

When you’re busy, spinning your wheels and got a head full of noise it’s pretty impossible to see the wood for the trees.

It’s all blurry. And what you need is to get clear on a few things.

It’s All In Your Head

Start with what you’re thinking.

Are you expecting today to be a struggle or are you expecting to succeed today?

Have a listen to that inner voice, that one that pipes up all the stuff you can’t do, shouldn’t do and what the heck are you doing that for! It’s scary!

Yeah, that one.

Tell it to do one, or words to that affect. Feel free to use expletives if that give the little devil a shock, and get on and do it any way.

Act as if…

One of the most powerful ways to change the head stuff that’s holding you back, is to act as if you’ve already achieved your goal.

What would you be, what you do and how would you feel if you’d already achieved _______________?

Where’s Your Focus?

Ever heard the saying ‘You are where you put your attention?’

Or ‘What you focus on is what you get?’

If you’re focussing on how rubbish your lack of sales is, how your marketing isn’t getting you leads or how much of a struggle it all is. Your actions will follow.

That’s why your success starts with your head. And what’s going on inside it.

Identify what thoughts are squashing, suffocating and stamping down on your ability to achieve success

Change Your Language

Rather than beating yourself up when you say ‘Why am I so rubbish at getting clients?’ ask yourself ‘Why do I attract clients easily?’

Notice when your being hard on yourself, bullying yourself rather than being supportive, encouraging and cheering yourself on.

You can, by taking small steps, break the habit of being your own worst enemy.

Create Your Vision

What is it you want? What you really, really want? (Did I go too Spice Girls there?)

Not knowing will have you flitting about from one task, project or idea without achieving much.

Be Clear On Where You’re Heading

What is it you want to create? What’s the most amazing version of your business you can think of?

Imagine yourself in your future. Financially you’re doing great, home and family life are doing great and you can relax.

You’re in control of your money.

Next, imagine your freedom. What so many of us Corporate Escapees are aiming for.

Imagine that all the business stuff you didn’t know, you know and you took the steps needed to learn what you needed to get you to where you are today.

(If your inner voice or chatterbox pipes up here, remember to tell it to do one! It’s your vision so naff off!)

The Power of Your Plan

Now you have your vision, it’s time to plan for it.

Remember that random actions lead to random results which is a fab way of saying faff on and you’ll  get nothing done.

To create your plan, start with the end in mind.

Whether you’re planning for the week, month or year,  fast forward to the end. Then work back.

Breaking down what you want to achieve into smaller, manageable, doable chunks of tasks.

Got something in your plan you need help with? Make a note of what you need help with and who can help you.

Get that help, because it’s okay to ask for help. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s what successful business owners do.

And yes, I know. You’re used to being the go to person, the person that got things done, but you know what?

It’s time to think like the boss that you are.

Get out of your own way and get help where you need it.

Check In With Your Plan

For the love all Tunnock’s Teacakes,  keep your plan when you can see it, refer to it and follow. That drawer you keep especially for ‘things I can forget about and never look at for another decade’ isn’t the drawer for this.

Take Action

Creating a plan can make you feel all business ownerish, it’s what Boss’s do after all. Develop strategies, plans and then get it actioned to make it blinking well happen.

When you’re your own Boss, you have a decision to make. Are you the CEO of your future success?

Are you being what it takes?

Are you doing what it takes so you can have what it is you want?

Be Consistent

And you need to be doing consistently. Not when the mood takes you, or when there’s an ‘R’ in the month, or you’ve been prodded with a big stick.

  • You get into the habit of taking the actions required to get you your results.
  • You get your business owner groove on.
  • You get used to sticking to the plan and not jumping around doing random stuff.  That randomness that got you nothing but worried, stressed and frustrated in the past.

Putting it all together

You’re ready to feel it. Have that momentum of creating your successful business. Know what it’s like to be your own boss. And you can.

When you have a vision for your business that excites you, lights you up and one you can’t wait to get cracking and  make your new reality.

  • Know that your doable, action inspiring plan is in place
  • You’re ready to take consistent action
  • Be that person that has their fun and freedom lifestyle


Did you leave your corporate job to start up your own business? What are you struggling with right now?

I’d love your comments, thoughts, questions or feedback in the box below.

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