Feel you’ve taken your business as far as you can or there are a few obstacles in your path you can’t navigate your way around, over or under?

Or your motivation has floated off leaving you with frustration, overwhelm and wondering why you thought it was a good idea in the first place.

You are stagnating and it’s not where you want to be!

 Is it time to consider coaching? Business and marketing coaching? 

Is It Time To Ask For Help?

The reality is you can’t be an expert in everything and yet, so many small business owners refuse to ask for help.

You may have worked for another company prior to you setting up on your own and the company would have had someone or a team responsible for the variety of areas that need to be covered to run a successful business.

Now it’s you doing EVERYTHING.  From admin, marketing, finance, customer service, sales, production, planning and scheduling, IT, copywriting…. The list goes on and on and your business isn’t what you wanted it to be or giving you what you had dreamed it would

How can working with someone else help you?


A coach can help you to create a clear vision and focus for your business and remove that ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ approach you can get working for yourself.

Knowing where you want to go and how to get there makes such a difference to your approach. Finally, you  have a plan of what you want for you and your business.

You are moving forward again!

Creates Change

A coach will encourage you to brainstorm so you can discover new ways of getting to and achieving your goals.

If you are stuck then you tend to find you keep yourself in the same cycle of how you have always done things.   Oh yes, you keep on doing it the same way time and time again hoping that it will come good for you. It’s how you’ve always done it right?

It’s as the saying goes, ‘It’s only easy when you know the answer.’

A coach will encourage you to look at new ways of doing it and give you new ‘A-ha!’ moments and times when you will hear yourself say ‘That’s so obvious when you put it like that!’

New habits and new ways of doing things gives you an insight into more possibilities for you and your business too.


This is a biggie. When you work for yourself and by yourself you can so easily ‘hide’ away our plans if they get a bit too tricky for you.

After all, you are the only one that knows about them. When you do this do you find you get yourself more and more stuck?

Once you have shared your goals with a coach they will keep you accountable and on track to make them happen.

No more hiding or making excuses. I know you do it 🙂


A coach will increase your confidence, your belief and your understanding that you can achieve your goals.

They will challenge your thoughts that are holding you back and encourage you to stop hiding and to get you and your business out there.

Yup, you do this too!  You listen to that chatterbox of yours telling you all the things you can’t do and you listen to it. So, you don’t do it and you stay stuck.

Working with a coach, you can learn how to tell that pesky chatterbox to Sshhhh!!! once and for all so you can get on with making your business the success you want.

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