Can it be done?

Get clients without using social media?

It abso-blinking-lutely can.

Here’s how.

Use your network

Your family, friends, work mates, ex-work mates (if you’re a 9-5 escapee), neighbours, fellow business owners…

Think of all the fantabulous peeps you know.

Talk to them what you do.

Ask if they know of anyone that could use your services.

They might not give you a mahoosive ‘Yes!’ straight away but they might.

And you never know when you might crop up in a chat they’re having.

Out and about

Think of the folks you can get chatting to in shops, cafes or restaurants.

Sometimes the chat gets round to you being asked “What are you doing for the rest of the day?” or ‘What do you do?”

Happens to me when I’m doing a food shop and when I tell them they can say ‘That sounds interesting’ or ‘I know someone who could do with some help with that’.

This is what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I was in the supermarket and was chatting to the woman on the checkout.

She asked what my plans were for the rest of the day.

I told her I was working on a few things for my marketing clients, and working on a series of workshops I was delivering to a group of women about menopause. (I’ve got another business called the Menopause Training Company).

She wanted to know more about my menopause training for the supermarket she works in.

I’m talking to the manager of the store soon.

I only went in for tea-bags 🤣☕

Anything else you can do to get clients without social media?

If you’ve got previous clients why not get in touch with them.

Do they know anyone who could use your help?

Use your website

Is your website geared up to be your 24/7 lead and client generator?

Are you offering your website visitor your fab freebie? (Want to know more about lead magnets and fab freebies? Check out my guide here )

Then you can chat away to them in their inbox by sending them useful and helpful content.

In time you can give them the chance to buy from you or work with you – without relying on social media.

Can they book a call with you?

Can they buy from you via your website?

I do, for the most part, enjoy social media but at times it can feel I’m writing for the algorithm Gods so I like to make sure I’ve got other ways to bring clients to me.

And social media is a wee bit like playing in someone else’s sandpit. If they don’t want me to play in it they can kick me out.

Before you go here’s another idea

I’ve added in-person networking to my client-attraction activities for this year and it’s reaping some lovely rewards.

Could this be something you add too?

If you’re networking in-person or thinking about it, There was one thing I noticed that was holding business owners back from making networking worth their time and effort. Read my blog here 

Over to you

Who do you know that could introduce you to more clients?

How could you take better advantage of conversations when you’re out and about?


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