Do you get those looks of confusion whenever you try to explain what you do in your business?

Feel like you’re confusing your audience because you don’t have a clear, simple and short description of what you offer?

Wonder why the words you’re using aren’t connecting with your ideal client?

In this blog, I’m going to show you how you can create your nice little one-liner you can use to clearly explain what you do.

Identify your ideal clients

Who is your ideal client?

This is the group of people you want to work with.

Most people worry not working with everyone and anyone is going to stop them getting clients.

Being more specific helps you stand out and stops you falling into the category of ‘it’s not obvious what they do so I’ll keep scrolling’…

It’s worth saying that when you identify your ideal client, they’re not necessarily going to be the only type of clients you will ever work with, but having a clear marketing message helps your ideal client to find you.

The idea is to identify the people that light you up. The ones you really love working with.

Your bread and butter clients.

Identify your clients problem

Next you need to know what’s troubling them, and be sure to tell them you know what it is in your marketing message.

Be specific. It’s not enough to say they want to go to the next level or they want to feel better.

That’s too generic. Too vague. Too meh….

Use a message that’s too broad will leave people confused. They won’t stick around trying to work it out either.

They’ll be off.

Stop talking so much about your method and start talking about your client’s problem

You need to prove to them  you understand their problem.

You need to prove to them you know the results they want when they no longer have their problem.

Get them to imagine the benefits

To highlight the solution you’re offering, you identify all the benefits and how those benefits will make the life of your client better when it takes away all their pain or solves their problem.

Paint a picture of what a pain and problem free, happy ending looks like for your client.

Putting it together

Use this one-liner to help you clarify your key marketing message.

I help (insert perfect client profile) who (insert painful problem) to (insert solution for client).


I help parents of toddlers who are fussy-eaters and suffer meal-times that are like a battle-field, to have a family meal that’s tantrum free.

I help busy business owners who hate numbers to have well-kept accounts so they know where they are financially.



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