Does your business offer one product or one service, and do you worry that you’re going to run out of content ideas?

  • What on earth are you going to say month in and month out?
  • Worried your content might become a bit dull, boring and switch your audience off from being interested in what you do?

Worry not!

Here’s 6 ideas to help you to create your consistent flow of inspiration for content ideas your audience will want to read, when you offer one product or service.

#Idea 1 – What problems can your product or service solve?

Thinking about your product or your service you offer, write a list down of all the problems it solves for your audience.

This alone can give you some great content ideas and different angles and how you can approach those problems to help your audience.

Want an example?

Let’s think of a business owner that works with parents who have fussy-toddlers and mealtimes are a bit of a nightmare, so one of the problems they help them solve is how to make breakfast time more fun and less of a battlefield so some content ideas they might come up with are:

  • How to avoid breakfast becoming a battlefield
  • Why breakfast feels like a battlefield for you and your toddler
  • 5 ways to make breakfast time fun when you have a fussy toddler
  • What to do when your fussy-toddler has a tantrum at breakfast
  • What to offer your fussy-toddler for breakfast
  • What to do if your fussy-toddler refuses to eat breakfast

By talking about breakfast time being as far away as joyful as you can get, can help them to create lots of content ideas their ideal audience wants to read.

Over to you.

What one problem can you solve, and how many content ideas can you come up with that’s useful and helpful for your audience?

#Idea 2 – Let Google help you with content ideas 

Head to Google for your content ideas.

Google is fantastic at helping you answer questions you have, it’s also really good at giving you lots of information about the type of questions your audience is asking.

Ideal when you want to know what kind of content to create for your audience when you only offer one product or one service.

When you head over to Google, you’ll see lots of inspiration for content ideas.

Google prompts you to think about the kind of content you want to be creating for your audience and it does this in more than one way.

Where to start…

Using the main search bar you’ll see in the drop down box, along with the keyword that you have typed in, lots of ways other people have searched around those keywords that you have typed in.

As you’ll see in the example I’ve used around baking cakes…


Remember our fussy toddler?

What type of topics would come up if you were to use Google to get your content ideas?

A quick search around fussy toddlers and breakfast and the drop down box gives you lots of ideas.

Content ideas you can use.

homepage example software company

But Google doesn’t stop there.

It keeps giving you fabulous ideas and inspiration for your content.

Be sure to check out the ‘People also ask’ section on the Google page.

You’ll find that not far from the top and this can give even more suggestions around what people are asking around the specific keywords you have typed in.

Is this where Google stops helping you?

No, it gives you even more content ideas!

Head to the bottom of the page and Google will show you ‘Related searches’.

Even more ideas and inspiration for your content.

Here’s the thing.

You can click onto any of these ‘Related searches’ or ‘People also ask’ links and that will take you to more ideas around what people are specifically searching for and asking, around the keywords you’re curious about.

#Idea 3 – What’s being said elsewhere?

Check out online forums.

A couple of the most popular ones are Quora and Reddit.

These are platforms are where people ask questions around a problem, a topic or a theme.

More places to check out what conversations and questions are being had around things that might be of interest to you and your ideal audience.

#Idea 4 – Get more insights into what your audience is asking

Check out Answer the public.

It’s a great site to get insights into what your audience is asking.

It gives you a few free searches and, at the time of writing, they offer a 7-day free trial so worth checking it out and if it’s for you, they have a paid for option too.

Like Google you type in your keyword or phrase, hit enter and Voila!

Answer the public has a good nosy around the internet and brings the search results together for you.

They share the information with you in a variety of formats so you can download information as images or if you wish you can download it as a spreadsheet for you to manipulate.

Here’s examples of how they display the information for you.

#Idea 5 – Be social 

A great place to look for ideas and inspiration is social media.

Social media platforms have a search bar.

You can type in your keyword, phrase, topic or theme that you’re interested in finding out more about and hey presto,  you will see what people are talking about on the social media platform.

Social media may not give you obvious questions your audience are asking but you’ll see what they are talking about and discussing.

Additional benefits

You may be wondering if your target audience is hanging out on a specific social media platform.

Let’s say you’re wondering if your target audience is on LinkedIn, doing a search will help you see if they’re there talking about the type of problems you can help them with.

#Idea 6 – All you have to do is ask

Ask your audience questions.

Think about how to best structure your questions so you get answers that will be useful and helpful to you.

The idea is to really understand what’s going on for your audience so you can create content they can relate to and see you as the solver of their problems.

Questions like:


  • What is it about [problem you can help them with] you really struggle with?
  • How does [the problem] make you feel?
  • What would it mean to you to solve this problem?
  • What have you tried so far to solve this problem?

In Summary…

Your audience is leaving you clues about what content they want and need from you – everywhere. 

Book time out in your diary to do some snooping and researching and you’ll be surprised how many content ideas you’ll end up with.


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