Are you spending way too much time worrying and busying yourself with creating brand new content your audience doesn’t want or need?

When you could benefit from making sure the fab content you already have gets in front of more people?

I’m a fan of getting the right content in front of your audience and this doesn’t always mean giving yourself more work.

How much of a lazy marketer does that make me sound!?!??!

I’m not really. I just like to maximize the potential out of every piece of content I create.

The thing is, if you’ve got content – good content that’s earning its keep – It’s more than okay to repurpose, reuse and recycle content you already have so you can get it in front of more people.


What content do you start repurposing so more people can see it?

Start with your most popular. Because this is content you know your audience is enjoying. 

How to be an effective content repurposer

Like any task repurposing your content takes time.

Become a more super-duper effective and efficient repurposer by making a checklist of all the ways you can repurpose, reuse and recycle your content going forwards.

Your checklist will save you time as you tick of the ways you’ve repurposed your content, and can also be something you can give to a Virtual Assistant, if you outsource these tasks.

It’ll take time to create your checklist as you work out the best ways for you to repurpose your content, but it’s worth it.

be an efficient repurposer

Take one big piece of content

This might be a video, a podcast or a blog on your website.

If it’s a blog, and you want to turn it into a video you’ve pretty much got your script to hand.

And if you want to turn a video or a podcast into a blog

You can easily download the transcript from your video if it’s on YouTube. Check out my video to find out how easy this is to do.

If it’s a podcast you can use a transcription service like

They take your video and transcribe it for you. There is a charge and it’s about $1.50 per minute of audio or video.

From your one big piece of content create many smaller pieces

Within your one big piece of content, you’ll have many a golden nugget.

Turn these golden nuggets into posts for social media, quotes or memes.

What else can you come up with?

Let’s see shall we?

Create an Infographic

Canva is a great tool for this and the kind people of Canva will give you infographic templates for you to play with.

Share your repurposed big piece of content with your email list

Break your Blogs down into an Email series to inform, educate and inspire your list.

Use the content in your newsletter.


There are people who prefer to listen to content. So settle down with a microphone and read your Blog out loud, and get your recording out there.

Lots of mobile phones come with recording software.


Get your gorgeous face out there and do a ‘piece to camera’ using the content of your Blog as your topic. (Here’s one I did earlier 😂)

Share it on Facebook, Instagram, or your YouTube channel. Wherever you’re client is hanging out or expecting you to be hanging out.

Your blog isn’t just for your website

There’s always somewhere new to share your content. Pinterest, Medium and LinkedIn as an article are a few ideas.

If you do decide to share your blog elsewhere wait 7-10 days after you’ve published it on your website because this gives Google time to register and acknowledge the content originated from your website.

Create workbooks or playbooks

Turn the content of your Blog into workbooks or playbooks.

Then what?

Package them up and offer them as a self-study course or a lead magnet.

Give your blogs a re-fresh

Updating your blogs or website pages can also be part of your re-purposing checklist.

Update them by re-wording parts, change or add an image, and add new information, links to your related Blogs, external sites that your reader will find useful.

Give them a new lease of life and then get your new updated blog and content out there.

Bring your best blogs together

Create your ‘Best performing blogs’ blog.

Get your top performing Blogs, and put the links to them together in one new, shiny Blog. Easy!

Where else can you create your best performing content?

Your YouTube channel

LinkedIn – I bet you’ve got some fab posts you could bring together



In Summary

There you have it. 

Ideas to get you started with repurposing, recycling and reusing your fab content so you can get it in front of more people.


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