All business owners have those times when they believe that’s it!

I’ve run out of content ideas and instead of words flowing from them there’s nothing, nought,Nada!

Your cursor flashes at you. Mockingly.

Your keyboard remains untouched.

You don’t need to stay stuck.

Here’s 25 prompts for your blog writing, email writing or social media posts to help you explode your content ideas from one topic or theme:

  1. How to…
    2. When to…
    3. Why…
    4. What if…?
    5. Where to…
    6. What does…?
    7. Price and cost
    8. Best books about …
    9. Best quotes about …
    10. Myths about…
    11. Things people hate about …
    12. Things people love about
    13. Best LinkedIn posts about…
    14. Best blogs about …
    15. Best YouTube videos about …
    16. Interesting data and statics
    17. Most common mistakes
    18. Unexpected benefits…
    19. Most commonly asked questions about (this alone can generate a bazillion ideas)
    20. Everything you need to know about (how many ideas can you get from this alone?!)
    21. Comparisons and reviews
    22. Fab people talking about…
    23. Lists
    24. Your personal lessons/stories
    25. Your client lessons/stories

How to use these prompts

  1. Pick your prompt.
  2. Pick your topic or theme.
  3. Get brainstorming.

Prompt – How to…
Topic / Theme – public speaking

How to:

  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Control your breathing when you feel nervous when you’re public speaking
  • Use minimal notes when you’re public speaking
  • Avoid overloading your audience when you’re public speaking
  • Best use hand gestures when you’re public speaking
  • Get more public speaking gigs
  • Incorporate visual prompts when you’re public speaking
  • Get back on track if you forget your words when you’re public speaking

 Over to you!

 Which prompt will you use first?




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