Got Blogs that aren’t being found, read and loved? 

Get them working for you rather than gathering dust.

In this blog I’ll be talking about what you need to get right. 

  • Eyeball grabbing headline.
  • An opening paragraph that hooks ’em in so they read to the end. 
  • How important your font is. Size AND colour.
  • What background works best. 
  • What you can do to make your Blog easier to read.
  • More tips to keep eyeballs on your Blog.
  • How to end your Blog that inspires action from your reader.

Your unloved dusty blogs that are sitting on your website that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. No one’s finding them, no one’s reading them, no one’s leaving comments on them. It’s just too sad to bear.

It’s time to dust them down and you know give them a little bit of loving so that you can get them out there.

Go To Your Blog That Needs Attention 

The  first thing I’d like you to do is go to your website and find a blog that hasn’t had much loving for a very very long time.

Open it up and read it. Then what I’d like you to do is to read it again.

This time, you’re going to step into the shoes of your ideal client.

Read it as if you are them.

Make Your Blog Better…

And get more eyeballs on it.  

Create your compelling headline

  • Is it specific enough?
  • Is it what your ideal client, your audience, are will type into a search engine like Google?
  • Is it something that they actually want to know about?
  • Is it something that they’re actually struggling with and need help with?

An opening paragraph that draws them in

  • Does it tell them that they’re in the right place?
  • Does it give them hope that, yes, I have found what it is I am looking for.
  • Do you make it clear what your Blog is about and the benefits they’ll get by reading it?

Make It Readable

  • Is it easy to read?

There’s a few things here that come under the ‘easy to read’ category.

Facts about fonts

Let’s  start with the font size.

  • Is it too small?
  • Is it too big?
  • What about the colour?
  • Is it easy to read?

What works well is a white or a pale background with black type. Put your type in black.

Space it out

And also as well, the spacing of it.

  • Are the sentences close together?
  • Are they too far apart?
  • Can they easily keep their head in one place and read your fabulous content? (your reader doesn’t want to risk a neck injury if your Blog takes up the whole width of their PC screen). 
  • Are you using lists, bullet points, images, subtitles and titles to break up your Blog. 

Write for the scanners

We all scan content. 

Looking for what we want.

Make it easy.

Use images

Break up your wall of text with images?

Images can be the most helpful things that you can put in a blog for your reader.

A word about words

Keep it easy for them to read – think about the words.

  • Are you writing for someone who doesn’t know very much compared to yourself, or are you writing for your peers?

Now what I mean by this is keep it really simple for them.

They want to get an answer to what is bothering them, like that.

They don’t want to have to spend ages working out what the heck it is you’re talking about.

Keep it simple, sweetie

Use simple language so that they can go away and go, yeah that was easy to understand.

Action Stations

  • At the end of your blog have a Call to Action?

Now it doesn’t have to be complicated or convoluted. It can be simple. We like simple. 

  • Enjoy this blog? Got any questions? I’d love to hear your comments below.
  • Include a link to one of your freebies or a report, something that they can download.
  • It could be to arrange a call with you.
  • Or a link that takes them onto another blog that’s on a similar topic. 



So there you have it.

A quick summary on how you can dust down those dusty old blogs of yours, give them a bit of fresh air, a bit of loving, and get them back out into the world in a way that’s gonna be more easy for your audience to find them and to read them and enjoy them and in a way that gets you more leads and clients.

Which is what you want. 

So off you pop, get dusting down those blogs of yours.



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