Are you struggling to know how best to structure your individual social media posts? In this blog I share a handy-dandy formula you can use to feel more confident and comfortable writing your social media posts.

This formula has so many uses.

You can use this formula for posts to promote your offer and to share your useful and helpful content to build engagement and trust.

And it’s not just for your social media posts.

Use it for anything from landing pages to flyers too.

The PAS Formula

It’s the Problem – Agitate – Solution Formula or PAS for short.

So how do you use it?

Let’s break each part down.

Step 1 – Problem 

Understanding the problems your audience face is your key to writing content that creates a response from them.

When you’re vividly able to describe the pain, the more you showcase how much you understand your audience. As your ideal client reads your content, the more they’ll feel you’re talking directly to them and tapping into the conversation they have with themselves.

It feels like you’re reading their mind. That’s powerful and also a fab way to establish trust with them.

Step 2 – Agitate

Step 2 in the PAS formula is to stir things up.

Not in a nasty way. You don’t want them running for the hills.

Your aim is to keep them reading.

In Step 1 you identified their pain point.

Now it’s time to show your reader you know what other problems this brings for them.

For the most part, this is where you show them you recognise how this makes them feel.

Be careful and don’t agitate too much. You want them to associate you as a solution to their problem.

Someone who understands them.

Step 3 – Solution

Ah! This is where you make everything better by sharing your solution.

Using PAS – some examples

Want some examples to ignite your ideas? Well, I did promise you examples of the PAS formula in action, didn’t I?

So here’s a few examples of long and short social media posts for you using PAS.

Examples using PAS for longer social media posts 

Let’s start with an example of using the formula for a longer piece of content for social media.  Perhaps a LinkedIn post…

Post for an imaginary company that supplies affordable coffee

Problem: We all know that good coffee beans are expensive and most of us can’t afford to buy them every day

Agitate: And so you’re stuck drinking coffee that tastes awful and that leaves you feeling sad. All you want is to sit back and enjoy a rich cup of coffee.

Solution: With our special blend of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans from Central America, South America and Africa you will get the richest taste possible while keeping your budget in check. You don’t need any fancy equipment or complicated recipes; just add hot water!

Another example:

This time for a made-up online walking shoe company.

Problem: Finding the perfect pair of walking shoes can feel like an uphill struggle. Sorry, for the pun, but it’s true.

Agitate: The time it takes going through all the different options, working out which shoe is right for you and checking out reviews. And not forgetting the price.


Solution: It doesn’t have to be a nightmare. makes finding the best walking shoes for you quick and easy. We compare hundreds of walking shoes for you so you can find your perfect pair of affordable walking shoes quickly and easily. We offer you next day delivery so you can get out and about enjoying the hills and dales in no time.

Examples using PAS for short social media posts 

You don’t always want your posts to be long.

Perhaps you want them succint and to the point.

The kind of post you want to share on Twitter for example. (Sorry, can’t get my head around calling it ‘X’ just yet).

How the affordable coffee company might use PAS for their Twitter posts

Problem: Expensive coffee that tastes bad sucks

Agitate: And you’re fed-up starting your day with a disappointment.

Solution: At our coffee tastes great without being expensive or needing fancy equipment. Add water, sit back and enjoy.

PAS is so flexible

You can use it for all types of posts.  

Here’s an example of how I use it to create my useful and helpful posts on Twitter. (Sorry can’t get my head around calling it ‘X’)

Here’s an example.

Problem: Want to get more eyeballs on your blogs?

Agitate: Fed up being ignored?

Solution: Here’s 3 tips for you:

– Share them on social media

– Include links to your other blogs in your blog

– Share with your email list

In Summary:

What’s fab about the PAS formula is it helps you focus on the pain points of your audience. That niggle they’re blinking sick to the back teeth of.

Empathy is your secret sauce.

This formula is so flexible. You can use it for so many pieces of content.

Use it to make impact with your videos, blog posts, Newsletter, emails, landing pages (aka sign up pages) and so much more.

When you really and truly know and understand your audience, and you have formulas like PAS to use you’ll notice how you’re able to make more impact with your marketing.

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