Feeling lonely and isolated?

And missing the office politics, the journey to work and even the arguments over whose turn it was to get the milk?

Go on! Admit it. You’re missing PEOPLE.

And like it or not, once you start to miss interaction with other human beings is when it’s time to do something about it.

Remember the chats on the journey to work, the chat when you bought your afternoon treat, the ‘Morning!’ as you passed the dog walker, the nattering in the sandwich shop, the office banter and politics and yes, the ‘I got the milk last week’ discussions.

When your journey to work is now getting out of bed and taking a few steps to the office, aka the spare bedroom, and you’re spending your working day there can become a bit dull. And what it does to your motivation well, you know only too well

Ever suffered from ‘Little old me’ syndrome? This raises its ugly head when you compare yourself to what other businesses are doing and how much better they are doing than you.

Remember, like you, they aren’t going to Tweet or Post about how bad their day has gone. If they’re struggling to get motivated. Like you, it will be the good stuff that is being shared.

A wee note to remember should you ever compare your business to that of others.

What to do when isolation and loneliness appears

If isolation is beginning to creep up on you, you are finding it frustrating and your motivation is dipping then it’s time to plan. Yes plan your way out of isolation.

It can be so easy to get up each day and focus on working through your To Do list and to ‘forget’ about your needs. What’s going to make your day go better?

It’s amazing how sprinkling a bit of variety into your day, and mixing up your routine can make a difference.

Connect with others at the start of your day

This gets you ‘in touch’ with the world so you can begin your day by spending time connecting with like-minded.

Remember to be disciplined with Social Media and restrict the time you’re on it, have a reason why you are on it or you’re at risk of losing hours.

It’s okay to speak with family and friends too but again, set boundaries so they know that when you are working you are working. 

Create your boundaries and stick to them.

Leave the house

Get out!

It’s as simple as that. Get out of the house.

You can work anywhere that has free Wi-Fi. A coffee shop, a hotel reception, a library etc

Be Wi-Fi free and take a notepad out with you and sit in a coffee shop writing down your ideas – get creative.

There are tasks you can be doing that don’t require you to be attached to the internet permanently.

Or, go for a walk, potter in the garden or pop to a local shop.

More great ways of getting you out from the confines of your office are:

Attend in-person or online networking events

Not only are these great for promoting your business, but also for you to mingle with like-minded people and to surround yourself with activity. Great for keeping the brain active.


Attend training courses to learn new skills that you can use within your business. Great for giving you new ideas too and you know that there will be a variety of people all with different personalities too.


Another option to get out and about to stimulate your brain, learn more and as above, to meet others and to be inspired with new ideas or ways of doing things.


These are held across the country and it’s where small business owners meet up and work together for a day.

Have the office chat and again, swap ideas, stories and give and take the support that is available. You may even find you have a giggle or two.

Over to you

What will you do today to break the isolation and loneliness?

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