What is the cost of marketing coaching and training?

The honest answer is it depends.

I know don’t hate me!

The pricing costs will vary for marketing coaching and training because of a variety of factors now help and support can cost you from below £100  but upwards to thousands of pounds.

Why the vast difference in prices for marketing coaching and training?

Prices take into account a variety of variables and factors.

Factor 1 : Time and duration

The first one is time and duration.

This is where we think about how long you’ll work with a marketing coach or a trainer.

Now it might be you’re stuck on a tiny part of your marketing so perhaps an hour or so with the right person could be enough to get you unstuck and back on track again.

Perhaps it’s a larger project which could take weeks or even months so the time that you spend getting help from a marketing coach or a trainer will affect the price that you pay now.


Factor 2: How the coaching or the training is delivered to you 

Now it’s worth considering how your sessions are going to be held with your marketing coach or your trainer.

This will affect how much you pay so we’re going to have a look at four ways the coaching or training can be delivered.

Live Event

It can be a live event.

It can be held online or perhaps in a group.

There’s also one-to-one.

It’s not always the case that a live face-to-face event will be more affordable or more expensive than anything that’s provided online, but it’s certainly worth being aware that if it’s a live event it’s not just the price of the live event to consider.

Other factors to consider are the cost for the event itself.

Perhaps there are your travel costs, accommodation, food drink and there’s also your time.

The information you need may all be online with no access to the coach or the trainer.

For example, you might decide to do an online course where you get what you need.

You take action based on the information you’re given in the online course.

If the course provides access to the coach or the trainer, chances are you’re going to pay more for that access than you’re going to pay for just an online course on its own, without access to the coach or trainer.

You can also do group training online, and this is where the coach of the trainer can deliver specific training to a group of people.

This can be done like a webinar format so it could be live or pre-recorded, but because the coach is delivering the information to many this can help make the training more affordable.

However be aware that this isn’t always the case.

1 to 1 coaching or training

One-to-one coaching or training is where it’s just you and your coach or your trainer spending a chunk of time together working on your marketing.

The benefits can be there are no distractions from other people, as opposed to group training, so the coach or the trainer works directly with you and what you need to work on to improve your marketing.

Factor 3: Done with you – Done for you – Do it yourself 

Factor number three  can be broken down into three parts.

There’s the:

  • Done with you
  • Done for you or
  • Do it yourself

What is done with you marketing coaching or training?

Done with you coaching or training, is where the coach or the trainer works alongside you, and then you’re the one that goes off and does the work.

An example might be you want to master Linkedin so you can learn how to get the most from the platform.

You work with a coach or a trainer and you implement what they teach but you also get feedback on what you’re doing.

What is done for you marketing coaching or training?

Done for you marketing is as the name suggests.

You can hire someone to do what marketing task it is you want them to do.

So rather than working with a Linkedin coach or a trainer, you actually hire someone to look after and manage your Linkedin account for you.

What is do it yourself marketing coaching or training?

Finally there’s do it yourself.

The marketing coach or trainer provides training or the information, and you implement it all by yourself without any feedback or any additional support from the coach or the trainer.

As you can imagine, these three types of ways of working with a coach or a trainer could ultimately affect how much you will pay.

Factor 4: Bespoke marketing coaching or training 

Number four is bespoke coaching or training.

You may want your coaching or training to be bespoke to you and your business.

This may be training with specific examples for your workplace or your business.

Handouts, workbooks or exercises can be specific and bespoke to you and your business.

By having marketing coaching or training that’s customised specifically for your requirements, this will have an effect on the final cost that you pay your coach or your trainer

Factor 5:  Ongoing marketing coaching and training

And finally, there’s ongoing marketing coaching and training.

You may decide that after your initial coaching or training, you want to find a way of keeping on top of your marketing so your business can keep on growing.

After all you might not want to invest in training for you for the benefits of working with a coach or trainer to stop.

For example, you may complete marketing coaching or training for one part of your marketing for your business, and this may help  you shine a light on another area of your marketing or business that could benefit from additional coaching or training.

Or you may have completed marketing coaching or training around a topic that’s entry level, and through your new found skills you want to develop them further or perhaps your business diversifies or changes and you find yourself needing new skills. 

There’s also the accountability that you get from working with a marketingcoach or a trainer or committing time to developing your marketing skills to keep your business growing, which is all good stuff.

A marketing coach or trainer can offer additional resources and or ongoing support for you and your business.

There you have it five factors that can affect the price that you pay for any marketing training or marketing coaching.


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