Scratching your head for ideas to get your business out there?

As these 25 ideas will show you there’s lots of ways you can bet out there promoting your business. And you don’t have to stick to these. Get creative.

Do something every day to get you and your business out there.

When we work for ourselves and by ourselves we have to wear so many hats. Marketing Executive may not be one you had in mind, so let me show you that you can promote your business in lots of different ways.

1.  Social media Profile

If this is the first time I’ve ‘met’ you I’d like to know that you have taken the time to give me the information about you. Get your social media profiles up to date so a potential customer knows the important stuff. Don’t forget your website link

2. Add an email signature

You can add cool stuff such as links to your social media accounts, links   to your website and even a link to your freebie or a promotion page on your website

3. Recycle, re-use and re-package information

Consider how many ways you can use content from a website page or a blog. Use it in social media posts, videos, a workbook an email campaign

4. Build a list

Have a Freebie on your website and/or Facebook page that potential customers can give you their contact details in return for a fab Freebie. What Freebie can you create?

5. Link your marketing to times of year or the seasons

How can you create a piece of marketing that links in with certain times of the year eg Easter, Christmas, Summer Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Summer, Winter

6. Make contact with old prospects

Make a list of those that were potential customers and see if they are ready to buy now.

7. Offer a newsletter

It can contain top tips and advice that your potential customers will find useful and you can also promote new products or offers. It’s also another way to get contact details that lets you get relationship building.

8. Join groups in Facebook

Many groups only allow blatant ads at certain times so play by their rules. However, you can contribute, join in or even start discussions and use them as a place where you can show that you know your stuff.

9. Networking

If your potential customer and or clients attend networking events then you go too.

10. Get to Know Your Ideal Customer

Get clear on who you are targeting with your marketing so spend some time really getting to know who your ideal customer is. Really know and understand what their big problem is and how you can solve it for them.

11. Your Website

When was the last time you checked in on how your website is performing for you? Go on, get the kettle on and check those analytics and find out what pages are or are not working for you

12. Facebook

Have a link from your personal Facebook page to your business page.

13. Video

Use video in your marketing. Create a short video offering a top tip for your customer or clients. You can then have in on YouTube, your website, your Facebook page, a link to it in your Twitter post and a link in your LinkedIn account. Lots of options 🙂

14. Blog

You can do this once a week or once a month and write about topics that you know will interest your potential customers/clients and your Blog is a great place to answer the big burning questions your audience has about your product or service. 

15. Be a guest blogger

Many sites are more than happy to have guests blogging on their sites so make a list of those you can ask. Then ask.

16. Have monthly goals and targets

This will keep you focused and to be honest, if you don’t know where you are going then how can you plan how to get there?

17. Referrals

Do you have a system in place that means you can easily ask current customers or clients for referrals? Consider how you can put one in place.

18. Topics

Write a list of topics your customers/clients want to read about. You can then use these topics to plan Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs etc

19. Get creative is a great free tool that allows you to create your own ‘artwork’  that you can use as Facebook headers, leaflets, menus, Tweets and so much more. Have fun!

20. Ask!

Not sure what else your customers or clients would like from you. Ask!

21. Pre-post Social Media Posts

Save time and do some, NOT ALL, Facebook posts using the Facebook scheduler. Remember that it is Social Media and the clue is in the title. BE SOCIAL 😉

22. Apply for business awards

There are awards for most business categories and you can apply for these online

23. Host an event or a workshop

Get out there and meet your potential customers by offering them an event with you.

24. PR

Use PR for your business. Journalists are on Twitter and Facebook so engage with them and start building a relationship. When they need content it could be you they come to.

25. Give Value

Ensure that what you offer in your marketing is giving value to potential customers or clients. By giving value you are showing that you are the go to person to solve their problem.


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