It’s happened! You’ve hit the brick of wall of creativity and you’re 100% stumped as to what to write for your next Blog.

You’re getting all stressy because you feel you’ve dried up and will never, ever have anything to say EVER AGAIN and your business will fail and you’ll have to go back to working for someone else. Noooo!!!

Before you start digging out your CV and find yourself sobbing into your 12th cup of tea of the morning, I have a plan for you.

You’ve already got great content and chances are it’s gathering dust, feeling unloved and you’re stopping it from living up to its full potential.

Re-use an old Blog. There’s no law against it and, in my humble opinion, it’s a must for us business owners.

Our audience needs what we’ve created, and for some of them, it’s the FIRST time they’ve seen it. Okay, you may be bored of seeing it but you’re not your audience.

Here’s my list of ways to make your Blog work hard for you, so you can still have a business that gets seen without you having to worry about drafting a CV

Create An E-book

Gather your Blogs on a similar subject and turn them into an E-book. Turn them into a PDF and offer it as a lead magnet.

Check out my Beginners guide to lead magnets

Create a Multitude of Tweets (X’s)

Your Blog can be turned into lots of Tweets. Highlight your golden snippets of fab information and Tweet them.

Create one, two or three LinkedIn Posts

Break your content down and share it on Facebook. It’s useful content and one part of it could be exactly what someone is looking for.

Create Memes

You’ve got lots of words of wisdom, so turn them into a Meme and remember to include your name. You’re the one that’s said them after all. If there’s Meme’s out there quoting Oscar Wilde, Jim Rohn and Dolly Parton, why not you too?

Create a Carousel

Break your Blog down into slides and turn it into a carousel and share on LinkedIn.

Create an Infographic

Canva is a great tool for this and the kind people of Canva will give you Infographic templates for you to play with. Don’t fancy doing it yourself? Outsource it.

Create a Daily Email Series

Break your Blogs down into an Email series to inform, educate and inspire your list. This could also be used as a way to build your list when you offer your fab content in exchange for an email list.


There are people who prefer to listen to content. So settle down with a microphone and read your Blog out loud, and get your recording out there.

Lots of mobile phones come with recording software.


Have your 15 minutes of fame, and do a ‘piece to camera’ using the content of your Blog as your topic. Share it on social media.

Create a Webinar

Use related Blogs to create a Webinar, which is another great way to grow your email list.

Create Workbooks

Turn the content of your Blog into workbooks. Package them up and offer them as a self-study course.

Give Your Blogs A Re-fresh

Update them by re-wording parts, change an image, add new information, links to your related Blogs, external sites that your reader will find useful.

Give them a new lease of life and get them out there too.

Create Your ‘Best Blogs of This Year So Far’ Blog

Get your top performing Blogs, and put the links to them together in one new, shiny Blog. Easy!


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