Let’s say you’re pondering booking a 60 minute Pick my brains session but you’re sitting on the fence. Not sure if it’s for you.

I don’t blame you.

Giving your hard-earned cash to someone to help you move forward and grow your business is a big decision.

And perhaps asking for help makes you feel uncomfortable.

Maybe there’s another reason, or two why you’re not sure if an hour with me is for you.

In this blog, let me share with you 10 reasons to book your Pick my brains session.

  1. Get unstuck quicker 
  2. Solve your marketing niggle
  3. Get your time back
  4. It saves you money in the long run
  5. What you think your problem is might not be the problem
  6. I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt
  7. You can’t work everything out on your own
  8. Have your light bulb moments
  9. Learn what you need to know
  10. It’s affordable


1. Get unstuck quicker

This 60 minute session is perfect for when you feel a bit stuck and can’t see the wood for the trees.

You’re fed up going round in circles and not getting anywhere close to working out what’s wrong with your marketing.

It’s your time to get you and your business back on track, ditch your overwhelm and the guesswork that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s a bit like a kick-start (#AlwaysWithLove) to get you back on the right tracks again.

In 60 minutes you’ll have your answer and know exactly what actions to take.


2. Solve your marketing niggle

Trying to work it out on your own can be frustrating. You can’t spot what to change, stop doing, start doing or ditch.

Make time to put your marketing niggle under the spotlight with me so you can get it sorted and move on.

Solving this niggle could trigger a tsunami of things falling into place for your marketing and your business.


3. Get your valuable time back

How long have you spent trying to work your marketing dilemma out by yourself?

When you’re spending so much time worrying about it or trying to work it out by yourself you’re keeping you away from doing your best stuff.

And yes, that does mean working with your clients and earning money.

Get you back to what you do best.

Before I spoke to Tracey I was confused about how to find my target audience. Apparently, they were out there, but I was running myself ragged trying to get myself seen by anyone and everyone.

Then I found Tracey and all that stopped.

She got me to focus and relax. She helped me to find out where my target audience is and how to approach and interact with them. The results have been fabulous. Not only has this won me clients, but I’ve found some very useful contacts who may need my services in the future.

Tracey is so calm, funny but most of all, professional. She made me feel like I’d known her years from the very first second. She puts you at ease, allays your fears and makes you realise marketing is so much fun when you do it right!

Matthew Drzymala

Indelible Think Copywriting Service

4. It saves you money in the long run

How much has trying to work out your marketing problem cost you?

Think about how much you charge for your time.

And you’ve spent your time researching, tweaking and guessing how to fix it.

5. What you think your problem is might not be your problem

I’ve lost count of how many calls I’ve had where the problem the client thought they had, wasn’t really the problem.

But that’s okay because we identified what the real marketing problem was and found a solution.


I was struggling with promoting my website 50Sense.net and had hit a plateau. Tracey went through the site with me and explained how to turn it around so it was more reader-focussed.

She showed me how I’d created a site that assumed everyone understood my mission already, rather than guide readers through and explain to them how 50Sense could help them. She also helped me focus my Twitter strategy more, with a stronger bio and cover art. Tracey showed me how to build a stronger brand and take pride in it, while learning from elements that didn’t work.

As a result, my readership has started rising again and more importantly, I feel more confident in promoting my work.

Elizabeth ellis

Journalist , Founder Pausitivity and 50Sense

6. I’ve been there done that and got the t-shirt

I’ve been doing this business owner malarkey for donkey’s ages now and experienced the same, if not as many problems as my client’s and found a way to solve them so why try to work it out on your own.

Ask me.

Over a virtual cuppa, if you like.


Tracey gave me advice to help me start marketing my new business on social media. She has a great  understanding of the social aspect of social media and gave me lots of useful tips and ideas for posts and planning content.

Tracey doesn’t just give advice, she models a great example of how to interact with potential clients in person and on social media platforms – she is approachable and helpful.


Cambridge Weight Plan

7. You don’t have to work everything out on your own

I get it. Asking for help may feel uncomfortable.

Do you believe you should be able to work out this business and marketing malarkey on your own?

I did.

For far too long.

Yup, I’d been a go-getter and a doer of things and a problem solver in my corporate life, but I hadn’t been shown how to be a business owner and all that entails.

Asking for help is how we learn and grow.

The longer you spend trying to work out your problem your business isn’t growing.

Trying to work it out on your own could be doing more harm than good.

The longer you try to work it out the longer your marketing will continue to miss the mark.

I wanted help and guidance with my Content Planning, writing a personal bio and also how I can get my personality to come through with my content

Learning about the Awareness Levels has really opened my eyes and will help me a lot when I am structuring my content.

Understanding how to see things from my clients perspective is also really going to help.

I feel much more confident in developing my content now. I have some great techniques to support me.

Sadie Gough

Confidence and mindset coach

8. Have your own light bulb moments

The penny dropping with clients is wonderful.

That moment they get it, the fog lifts and their frustration and overwhelm melts away.

There are times you’re too close to your business.

There are time taking a step back and looking at it with fresh eyes is what makes the biggest difference.

9. Learn what you need to know

Not everyone wants a long-term commitment to finding a solution to their marketing woes.

You can find yours in 1 hour.

No on-going commitments to juggle around your business.

In your email to me to arrange our call you explain what’s going on and I prepare for our call with your solution.

Thank you so much for your help and support with my social media.

I was totally confused and you put me at my ease straight away. I now feel more comfortable about the direction I am going in and how to use my blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts together to get my message across.

You also made me feel more confident about building up a network of contacts and approaching people with similar interests.

Siobhan Daniels


10. It’s affordable

Our time together is 60 minutes for £127, and for that price I’ll give you, your business and your marketing my focus and undivided attention.

You’ll get fab insights and A-ha! Moments into how you can get passed what’s keeping you stuck.

I bring all my experience, knowledge and know-how to our call.

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