1:1 custom business and marketing coaching

Feeling stuck and want to create your consistent flow of leads and clients?

Want someone to work alongside you to make it happen?

You and me working together on your business and your marketing.

With targets, actions and accountability #AlwaysWithLove

My “Business and Marketing Coaching” package is you and me working together on your business.

My Business and Marketing Coaching starts from £1100 and is ideal for those looking for support and accountability to implement a decent sized project in their business.

Before we start, we’ll do a full review of your business, create your action plan in line with your objectives, have weekly video calls for an hour via Zoom to check in on your progress, review what’s gone before, discuss what’s coming up, look at what can be improved and map out your actions and strategy for the week ahead and you’ll have support from me via email.

Ditch the guesswork, the going round in circles, and let me work with you on creating your action plan that actually works.


Book a 15-minute discovery call

I wanted to know how to create a connection with my audience through my marketing to lead to new clients.

Our sessions went way beyond my expectations. Tracey has a way of presenting things that makes it easy, achievable and manageable.

The investment was worth every single penny. Tracey gives much more than the cost of this.

I feel more in control of my marketing now and I feel I’ve dug deep enough to be able to do it properly and not just ‘wing it’ hoping that the clients will come because I’m posting anything.

I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher on marketing.

Jackie Sansom

Yoga Teacher, Move Your Mood

What’s included?

Your investment covers your entire customised Business and Marketing Coaching Package, including:


A Business Review document to complete to establish where you are now with your business.

1 x 90-minute Business Review and Strategy Session to review your document, outline your key goals and objectives and to outline your action plan to achieve them.

Weekly business and coaching calls to review your actions, map out your next steps and to be given any training or guidance required.


Access to worksheets, planning tools and lots more information to help motivate and inspire you.

Email access to me Monday - Thursday (office hours) to answer any questions you have inbetween our sessions.

Your One-to-One Coaching Package investment: From £1100

What can I help you with?


Create your clear roadmap to move your business forward.


Help you identify and find your ideal clients.


Help you to be found by your ideal clients more easily.


Create your eyball grabbing and list building lead magnets.


Write engaging emails your list will want to read and ultimately buy from you without the sleazy sales messages.


Create your marketing message and your marketing plan.


Understand your buyer's journey and create effective marketing to increase your browser to buyer conversions.


Escape the ‘time for money-trap’ and up-level your business.


Teach you the principles to create your magnetic marketing.


Blogging for more business success.


Help you get out of your own way.

Get my support every step of the way!

I came to Tracey because I had absolutely no idea how to boost social presence and engagement and build an effective marketing plan.

The sessions with Tracey exceeded my expectations!

She took time to understand me, my strengths and weaknesses, what I needed and my market.

She listened and heard, was there when I needed a lift, gently held me accountable (and with humour!) and made everything as easy as it could possibly be.

Her empathy and support was outstanding, and Tracey has an uncanny knack of recognising problems before I did which reduced the size of any perceived hurdles, making them manageable.

Now I have more clarity about the psychology of marketing, how to create greater engagement, build the ‘know, like, trust’ needed to encourage subscribers to work with me.

Clare Shepherd

Nutritional Therapist specialising in menopause, Your Life Plan

How it works

Arrange a free 15-minute pre-session call to ensure we are the right fit for each other.


We’ll discuss how you would like my help to grow your business.


I’ll send you an invoice along with an in-depth business review questionnaire for you to complete and return.


You fill it in, return it and we arrange a date for our first session. Before our first session, I analyse your questionnaire, review your marketing materials and identify the key points we need to discuss. This means that when we’re on our call, your business will get my 100% undivided attention.

Together we will work on improving your business and marketing.

Hi, I’m Tracey!

Starting your own business can be exciting but getting your head around all this business and marketing malarkey and getting leads and clients can be tough.

Many of my clients are like me.

Ditched the day job to go it alone. 

Being a business owner and marketing doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. It can be simple, effective and fun!

I teach business owners how to get more leads and clients so they can make more money, make more sales and grow their business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you record the call?

I use Zoom to record the call which is great for sharing our screens with each other. 

And you don’t need to have an account with Zoom for our call. 

The link I send you in your call confirmation is all you need. 

Why can't we meet in person?

We’re busy people so let’s make the most of our time by working as efficiently as we can. 

With a video call we still have the benefit of being face-to-face no matter where you’re based. No looking for parking or paying for parking either. 

What will we cover on our calls?

The call is your space to discuss what’s important to you. 

It can be to check in on your progress, review what’s gone before, discuss what’s coming up, look at what can be improved and map out your actions and strategy for the week ahead. 

You may want to be kept accountable to take specific actions. 

What happens if I need to reschedule a call?

Life happens, so if you need to reschedule you can rearrange your call in the links you receive in your confirmation email. 

How soon will I receive the recording of our call?

I’ll get the recording to you within 2 hours of our call. (Any technical problems, I’ll let you know asap). 

What if I just need a quick chat?

Then ‘Pick My Brain Over a Virtual Cuppa’ is for you. 

Book your 1-hour call with me and pick my brain over a virtual cuppa.

It’s £127.


‘Business Review and Strategy Session’ is for you if feel stuck and feel you’re going round in circles and need an action plan for your business. 

Complete a business review document, have a 90-minute video call with me and get your action plan for the next 6-12 months for your business.

It’s £497

When and how do I pay for the coaching package?

You pay for the coaching package, after our pre-session call to ensure we are the right fit, via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Payment plans are available at no extra cost.   

You ask, I answer

What you need to know

Arrange your pre-session call

My “6 Months Business and Marketing Coaching” package is you and me working together on your business.

Ditch the guesswork, the going round in circles and let me work with you on creating your action plan that actually works.

Book your pre-session call to see if we’re a good fit.

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